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    Drawing as a way to create understanding and change

  • Strategic Visualization
    Making complexity graspable with the help of text, images, and graphics

  • Graphic Recording
    A map for change expeditions

  • Visual Meeting Facilitation
    Developing a shared understanding – and then communicating it

  • Visual Consulting
    Planning visualization measures for change processes

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Picture your change

All the power of visualization –
in one place

What are the greatest challenges in today’s organizations? Making good use of their own know-how. Developing a shared understanding of the What, How and Why. And remaining agile in complex times of change.

If used correctly, visualization can be a powerful key to meet these challenges.

For over 15 years, we have been researching and developing the topic of dialogue visualization, consulting and publishing on it. We were already accompanying conferences with our pens at a time when people had never even heard of “Graphic Recording.” Today, our bikablo team is made up of over thirty illustrators, graphic designers, project managers, communication experts, trainers, organizational psychologists, and consultants. This means: we’re not only experts when it comes to drawing pictures, we’re also experts when it comes to understanding and advancing processes. We have a keen eye for detail, even more so when things get complex. Colorful images that are nice to look at but that aren’t a substantial help to you and your organization are not what we’re about. We ask the right questions at the right time – and make your answers come to life through visualization.

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bildwerk: what we do –
and how we help you and your organization


Strategic Visualization

process images for business communication

We create dialogue pictures, strategy visualizations, interactive presentations, infographics and videoscribe clips.


Poster explains

How do our tools work? An attractive instructional poster can be an effective way to give access to complex topics in training and coaching.


Animated video clip
shows processes

Nobody gets the new business processes. An infographic video clip shows what is new and motivates people to participate.


Online presentation as
the team center

An illustrated interactive online presentation of the new strategy gives the virtual team orientation and quickly gets new employees on board.


Graphic Recording

Real-time visualization at conferences

We make large group dialogues visible through large-scale murals, picture galleries, Sketchnoting or digital media.


Graphic Recording as a sounding board

After a future search conference, everyone gathers in front of the Graphic Recording mural. The many mental puzzle pieces now form a big picture.


Simultaneous interpretation –
for your eyes

Graphic Recording in real-time via a video screen at a specialist conference forms a second level of understanding, helps people reflect on the topic, and inspires the panel discussion.



The Sketchnoter strolls around the trade fair, interviewing guests on key industry trends and translating this into compelling digital illustrations that are instantly tweeted to the world.


Visual Meeting Facilitation

Supporting dialogue with a pen

As Visual Facilitators, we support meetings and workshops for team, process, product, or project development.


Visual Facilitator maps
the kick-off

The Visual Meeting Facilitator visualizes the ideas, topics, goals, and questions surrounding the new project. The group experiences in real-time how their project starts to take shape.


Visualizing success stories –
as a group!

A 45-minute visualization crash course is all you need to empower workshop participants to illustrate and present their own “hero’s journey.”


Observe, understand,

When people don’t work well together because they don’t understand processes, resources are lost. In a process optimization workshop, the participants together draw a relevant comic strip that helps clarify interfaces.


Visual Consulting

Visualization in change processes

Professional, participatory, and sustainable – together we plan how best to use visual interventions to meet your needs.


The power of the
big picture

Owner, management team, and Visual Consultant work together to develop a powerful visual motif. This “big picture” then is used to support internal communications, through various media.


Change choreography with
the help of pictures

A company is reorganizing itself. Change Facilitator, Visual Consultant, and pilot group work together, planning a roadmap and deciding how to best make use of visual interventions.


Participation – with a pen

The employees have not yet fully embraced the new mission statement. In a series of workshops the values of the organization are brought to life with the help of Visual Storytelling.