Graphic Recording

Real-time visualization at conferences

We make large group dialogues visible through
large-scale murals, picture galleries, Sketchnoting or digital media.

Three conference days, one hot topic, and 300 participants – and afterwards 300 different perspectives on what the final results of the conference were. Shared understanding? Far from it.

Our bikablo bildwerk Graphic Recorders document your conference or workshop with the help of text, images, and graphics. All participants are provided with a visual reflection of what they are hearing, which helps them process and retain it. In advance, we get together with you and find out what form of listening, structuring, and translating into visualization best supports your organization’s needs.

The end-result could be a large-scale, narrative mural, several single pictures as a gallery, real-time digital recording via a video screen, or even (digital) Sketchnoting images distributed via social media.


Depending on the context and the event, a Graphic Recording mural can be several meters long. It often ends up being a large visual world which skilfully encompasses the many messages and ideas shared at the respective dialogue event.

Digital Graphic Recording

If the Graphic Recorder works digitally on a tablet, there are many new ways to share the results – live via a video screen or online via social media.


Sketchnoting is Graphic Recording’s little brother. On behalf of the process, the visualizer shares his sketchnotes with the group, either during or after the event.

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