Visual Consulting

Visualization for change processes

Professional, participatory, and sustainable –
together we plan how best to use visual interventions to meet your needs.

Visual Storytelling, Graphic Recording, and Visual Meeting Facilitation create space for dialogue. Visual Consulting builds a solid roof over it.

With our bikablo bildwerk Visual Consultants you will rethink your dialogue event or change process from the ground up. What are your intentions – and what does the “big picture” look like? What will the Graphic Recorder need to secure the knowledge nuggets collected during the talks? Which questions should be on the poster templates to best support small group dialogue? How should we share the final results – is analog or digital better, and what media should we use?

Together we draft an approach  that combines all individual elements into one clear, overarching picture. We make conscious use of the power of images to boost comprehension, willingness to enter into dialogue, process dynamics, and identification of all stakeholders. Here, the organizational consultants from Kommunikationslotsen are our trusted partners.

  • Workshop setting:
    Jointly sketching the “big picture” of your plans

  • The pen clarifies the assignment:
    Drawing as a way to hammer out a shared understanding of the process

  • Visualized pilot group work
    has a positive effect on the group and
    the organization as a whole

  • Carefully planning visual resources –
    recording the best results of shared explorations

  • Thought sketches in consulting
    visual prototypes for change

  • Promoting creativity and identification
    with bikablo’s visual methods

Interested? bildwerk Project Manager Andrea Biesler is looking forward to
your inquiry at or +49 221 – 98 55 90 2-5.