Strategic Visualization

Process images for corporate communications

We create dialogue pictures, strategy visualizations, interactive presentations, infographics and videoscribe clips.

In today’s knowledge-based society, many topics are abstract, complex, dry, and data-heavy. But nobody has the time, nor the desire, to acquire this knowledge through abstract, complex, dry, and data-heavy media. 

The Visual Storytellers at bikablo bildwerk translate knowledge contents into picture stories, breaking abstract topics down so that everyday people can understand them. We select the media in such a way that it fits both the content as well as the communication situation. For this we do not need any ad agency briefings, but instead develop pictures and messages together with you, in a workshop setting.

Dialogue maps

Large-format knowledge maps, roadmaps, or strategy images will help you start up a conversation with your colleagues and employees about changes in the orientation of your company, or about new products or processes.

Event posters and templates

Information posters
at dialogue conferences help communicate content and methods in a nutshell

Poster templates
help small groups fill in their results

Infographic video clips and interactive media

Interactive presentations, infographic video clips, and video scribing help you to communicate even complex issues, both internally and to those outside the organization.

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