Pictograms, handwriting and graphic elements – mastering the „vocabulary“ of the visual language is one thing. Combining them into a striking, attractive and meaningful whole is another. How do I design a poster that not only catches the eye, but also serves as a container for my matters of the heart or those of the people I work with?

Designing posters is a craft. Using them meaningfully in the service of dialog processes is a challenge. In this meetup, Jill Greenbaum, coach, trainer and member of the bikablo global team meets Martin Haussmann, bikablo founder and author of the new visual dictionary „bikablo posters“, for a visual & virtual fireside chat about the power and potential of poster templates for presentation, documentation and exploration.

Thursday, February 11, 5pm CET
Info and registration: meetup.com/bikablo

This online event is also the kick-off for bikablo’s new, free community format: at least once a month, we would like to dive into the wonderful world of visual thinking, learning and collaboration together with you, live via zoom. With exciting guests, special topics and lots of space for questions, answers and drawing together.