How can you design a flipchart poster? What are the visualization possibilities of your iPad? How do you become a visual facilitator? How do you use sketchnoting at work or in everyday life? Visualization offers you so many possibilities to learn better, to transfer knowledge and to find solutions together.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or professional, we’ve got just the learning packages you need right now to take the next step.

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The iPad 101 with Procreate
19. 3. 2021
Your introduction to digital visualization with the 9 most important functions that the app Procreate offers especially for us as visual storytellers and sketchnoters.

Designing my power image for 2021
22. 3. 2021
A picture that will accompany you all year? In this training you can find it! Step by step, you’ll discover your energy-giving visuals, combine them into a coherent whole, and then graphically put the finishing touches on the result.

Draw a story in 3 pictures
30. 3. 2021
Getting to the core of a sophisticated content in a simple way: instead of PowerPoint slides, a visual learning story that comes from the heart and reaches the heart!

What kind of sketchnote fellow are you ?
8. 4. 2021
Sketch it – Get it – Keep it! Every sketchnoter is different. Discover your personal style and find out what you are particularly good at and how you can develop it further.

Facilitating dialogs with poster templates
15. 4. 2021
Can I facilitate and visualize at the same time? Yes, you can – if you start with the right poster template and the right mindset!

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