We are excited and happy to announce this exclusive opportunity: Meet bikablo founder and CEO Martin Haussmann at The Visual Jam Meetup on November 12, 18:00–19:30 GMT.

In this Session will focus on using visualisation in a business context and the ability to think with your pen – at the speed of sound! When we discuss complex processes or try to create a common understanding for a difficult issue, visualization can be a powerful second channel of communication. Therefore, you need a technique that allows you to directly sketch ideas and connections on a piece of paper or your tablet screen during a discussion. Martin shares his systematic of visual dialogue and invites you to find your own draw-thinking strategies.

The Visual Jam is hosted by Grant Wright and Paddy Dhanda and brings together passionate visual thinkers and learning tons of new skills! If you are looking to supercharge your workshop engagement, business meetings, training sessions, presentations then join us for a creative evening filled of fun! We welcome everyone of all drawing abilities!

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Martin Haussmann is a graduate designer, specialist author (“UZMO – Thinking With Your Pen”),  bikablo founder and director. He loves nothing more than being faced with complex problems, which he then tackles with systematic creativity. This generates new training formats, visualization techniques, and dialogue methods – and an ever more profound understanding of the power and possibilities of pictures.