Over six months ago, Deepti Jain approached me about creating a visual canvas for Agility Today—a conference dedicated to Building Future Leaders and Change Agents. In dreaming of a trip to India, I also proposed a breakout session for the conference, Integrate Quick & Easy Visualizations into Your Work: Bikablo Thought Sketching Enhances Communication & Increases Collaboration.

The conference advertisement

Honestly, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to bring the bikablo one day training program to India. Deepti and her team created beautiful visuals to promote my session at Agility Today. We both leveraged our social media outlets and as a result, my connections, particularly on LinkedIn, grew exponentially. Her colleagues jumped on board with incredible enthusiasm.

In India!

What a swirl of fabulous impressions and experiences in India! With a day to get acclimated to my new environment, I visited a temple, did a wee bit of shopping, and lingered for an afternoon over a fabulous textile exhibit at the Crafts Museum in Dehli.

Days 2 and 5 of my trip were the bikablo training sessions—full of fun, delightful camaraderie, questions, work, play, conversation, and transformation—in Delhi and Bangalore! What began as a dream transformed into working with 24 people in two cities!

Bangalore Session

Delhi Session

At the conference/On day 4, the session was standing room only, and people were excited, wanting to show me their work, get their questions answered, and take endless photos of our work together. I had to chuckle when I would hear, “Dr. Jill, can we take a photo?” I LOVED the energy and delight in their newly discovered skills and relationships.

Conference breakout

And, I was so fortunate to be invited to even more parts of the conference—(Day 3) Agile Coach Camp, with an Open Space hosted by Ellen Grove, (in which I proposed a session, 100 Ways to Use Visuals @ Work), and the cultural event for speakers. I relished having a great variety of opportunities to connect with even more people from around the world—Australia, Brazil, Canada, South Africa, and the UK.

Breakout session at agility today

Back home

As I now scroll through the hundreds of pictures posted on LinkedIn, of the conference sessions, the coach camp, and the bikablo sessions, I think, “wow, I really KNOW those people, I am truly connected to them.” It’s a wonderful feeling!

Jill Greenbaum Global TrainerJill Greenbaum is a bikablo certified global trainer for the USA and an instructional designer and trainer who has been integrating visuals into her training, facilitation, and coaching work since 1996.