Once upon a time … there was this opportunity to learn how to design and create visual stories with the Bikablo Akademie in a online summer setting … And this opportunity is now! 

From August 5th till August 7th the bikablo akademie offers an online training in Visual Storytelling, including a follow up session on the 10th of August.

Why would you want to learn this….?

Well … don’t we all love stories – especially when they are being accompanied by expressive pictures? History shows that we share and learn over stories since ages. The sharing of knowledge over stories and pictures has helped us reducing complexity, supporting collaboration and improving learning. In a world where information get’s more complex and abstract, there is more reason to offer the core message as simple, clear and also as fun as possible.

Something for you?

Definitely when you already have basic knowledge of visualization (for example through a bikablo basic course), and when you feel like upgrading these skills with the techniques your learn in Visual Storytelling.

And what is it what you learn?

In 4 half days you will learn for example new techniques for drawing people & emotions, creating storylines in difference sequences, visualizing core messages in a story, adding layers & focus in your story, and last but not least, how to present your story (with or without drama …).

We are ready if you are to experience a wonderful online visual summer together. Hope to see you in August!

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