Copyright information
for bikablo training, services and products

We at bikablo care about intellectual property and usage rights – because respect for intellectual property forms the foundation of our work.

Over the course of more than ten years, bikablo has developed a coherent and convincing visualization system that we teach people so that they can make a difference in their daily work. We continually invest in new image ideas, drawing techniques, and approaches – and in training our trainers – so that we can offer you the best possible methods and highest-quality content. We want to generously share our know-how with others, also in the future. This, however, is only possible if other publications and training content differ substantially from ours. Taking intellectual property seriously avoids confusion and allows us to share our know-how generously.

We value, recommend, and admire colleagues such as The Grove, Brandy Agerbeck, Xplane and Markus Wortmann. We ask that the same respect be given to our work. We expect anyone who offers publications and training on the topic of visualization, to develop their own recognizable approaches, as we do – thus enriching the community.

bikablo akademie and usage rights

Am I allowed to teach others what I learned in bikablo courses?
Of course everyone is free to offer their own visualization training courses. Our own training concept and the methods used in our courses, however, are subject to copyright protection. It is important for us that the various training offers on the visualization market substantially differ from each other. If you want to make sure you don’t infringe on copyright, then please send us a description of your training project by email, preferably with sample images.

Can I become a bikablo trainer?
bikablo training is offered exclusively by trainers and training partners of the bikablo akademie. In the German-speaking world there is currently no way to become certified as a self-employed trainer. However, if you’re interested in a collaboration, please feel free to shoot us an email.

bikablo bildwerk and usage rights

How may I use the visual resultsthat a bikablo bildwerk Visual Storyteller, Graphic Recorder, or Visual Meeting Facilitator created for my company? In the case of Graphic Recording and Visual Meeting Facilitation projects, you will receive the original murals, posters, or smaller visualizations. In accordance with copyright law, we retain the copyright but grant you usage rights. The contract automatically gives you the right to reproduce (and to publish internally) the visualizations we produced to document your event. Should you be interested in more broad usage rights, please discuss this with us when clarifying the assignment.

In the case of Visual Storytelling projects (dialogue pictures, strategy pictures, etc.) that are not created at an event, user rights are always clarified in advance and are mentioned in the offer.

bikablo products and usage rights

How may I use the images that I find in bikablo products?
Our visual dictionaries and other products provide a wealth of pictograms, situations, and key images that you can copy by hand, alter, and rearrange on a flipchart or pin board – or you can use these to create your own image ideas. However, copyright does not allow the original images to be photographed, scanned, or photocopied from the printed works. If you would like to use directly copied (by hand) or clearly bikablo-inspired visualizations in your own (digital or printed) publications, please contact us. We usually find a simple solution via a source note. Please request our information leaflet.

How may I use the images I find in bikablo products in the training courses I offer?
The purpose of our images is to help improve your meetings, presentations, and training courses. Our images may, however, not be used in training offers focused on teaching visualization. If you would like to teach others how to draw images found in bikablo products, you may be placing yourself in direct competition with bikablo akademie training courses. To avoid difficulties, we ask you to send us a description of your training project by email, preferably with sample images. We usually find a quick and simple solution.