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The not-for-profit association Cap Anamur / German Emergency Doctors e.V. was founded in Cologne in 1979 by Christel and Rupert Neudeck and some of their friends, including Heinrich Böll. Since then, Cap Anamur has provided humanitarian relief around the globe, often in places where the media interest has long since ebbed away. Their main focus is on medical aid and access to education.

In war and conflict zones, they set up structures that sustainably improve the lives of those in need: hospitals and schools are built, locals are trained, and building materials, relief supplies, and medicines are provided. The sooner Cap Anamur can hand over projects to the capable hands of local staff, the better – as this frees up time and resources for new humanitarian projects.

Cap Anamur is an international relief organization and current projects include a shelter for street children in Sierra Leone, running hospitals in the Nuba Mountains in Sudan, supporting a refugee camp for Syrian refugees in Lebanon, and training nurses in Afghanistan. Cap Anamur is exclusively funded by private donations. This allows Cap Anamur to remain independent from governmental institutions and to offer fast and unbureaucratic help in war zones or after natural disasters.

It is important to bikablo to give back. For this reason, we’ve been supporting Cap Anamur with the proceeds of our industry bestseller “UZMO – Thinking With Your Pen” for many years now.

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