Take the next step in visualization: our bikablo trainings for advanced learners

You have attended our basics training (open, online or in-house) or taught yourself the bikablo technique or a different visualization style? You want to improve your own posters, design them more vividly, work with narrative tools and visualize in realtime in dialogue?

In these two online trainings, you‘ll develop your skills, learn new design possibilities, practice under the expert guidance of our trainers, and combine visual presentation with visual documentation.

We have designed our trainings Visual Storytelling and Graphic Recording specifically for online vision and offer them in English for all participants at the following times:

Technical check-in (optional) The day before: 1:00 pm
Training: Day1 – Day 3: 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm Day 4: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm (CET)




bikablo basics or equivalent training required


Led by two trainers from the bikablo akademie


970,- € without VAT


Visual Storytelling training online

Complex picture stories for a successful knowledge transfer
03. – 05. November 2021

Give people access to those topics which are close to your heart in a whole new way. “Visual Storytelling” transforms even dry, complex subjects into lively picture stories. With the bikablo emotions figures, large-format layout techniques and visual dramatic composition, you can convey your messages in a more emotional and lively way, and in doing so open a door to education, discussion, and change in a way that is far superior to “death by PowerPoint.”

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Graphic Recording training online

Listening and then translating content into murals in real-time
06. – 09. December 2021

As a Graphic Recorder you will visualize contents from presentations and discussions in order to reflect these in the dialogue process. In this advanced training, you will discover how consultants, knowledge distributors, coaches, and facilitators can use graphic recording techniques for their business. You will become trained in listening to, structuring and drawing content – and will practise visual documentation using different formats and presentation techniques.

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You want to start with the basics training? Find your training with our global trainer team

Learn how to visualize from Brussels to Singapore

bikablo trainer teams are being built up all over the world, bringing the possibilities of visual thinking, learning and collaboration closer to their fellow countrymen. They are trained and certified by the bikablo akademie in Cologne, Germany and are exclusively entitled to offer training according to our concept and under our brand. Together, the bikablo global trainers form a worldwide knowledge network that is constantly exchanging ideas and developing visualization methodologies under the umbrella of our brand.

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