Henk Wijnands

bikablo certified global trainer for
The Netherlands, Dubai and Paris

After a successful career as a board member of internationally operating companies in several industries and a Master’s Degree in Visual Thinking and Graphic Facilitation, Henk Wijnands created the Visual Communication Company in 2017.

Today his Visual Communication Company team, helps companies to design their strategy, optimize their way of functioning and communicating by combining the right and left side of the brain. The secret weapon is the pen, as a visual consultant, a graphic recorder encountered with extensive sales, marketing and management skills.

Henk works fluent in in three languages and as a Certified Global Bikablo Trainer he will offer Bikablo trainings with businesspartners in the countries he is active. Both online and in-person. In-company and open classrooms. His goal is to help companies getting better by using visual tools

Upcoming training opportunities