Brandy Agerbeck
The Idea Shapers & Pyramid Power

Drawing as a thinking tool and the value of visual organization

In this unique opportunity to learn from a master of Graphic Facilitation, bikablo and neuland® co-host a two-day-session with Brandy Agerbeck for everybody who wants to reach a new level in visual thinking and facilitation:

The Idea Shapers Tour (Oct. 8th)
Struggling to find the structure of a paper or a speech? Searching for the path to take your reader or viewer on? Have you ever found your learning lost? A lesson goes into one ear and out the other? Been deep in a difficult decision and felt consumed by it? Eager to see the big picture to clearly see your best choice? Tackling a REALLY BIG problem, wanting to tease apart the tangle, to pull apart into solvable pieces? Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Ready to clear out the mental noise and think straight? All these difficult situations are eased by paper, pen and The Idea Shapers.

Pyramid Power (Oct. 9th)
When we learn visual thinking, it’s easy to focus on the visual: imagery, iconography, color. What’s left out of our visual thinking toolboxes? The extremely powerful spatial tools of Scale, Hierarchy, Flow, Direction and Structure: The Pyramid.


Two-day specialized training course


In the Neuland training center in Eichenzell
90 minutes from Frankfurt Airport


Conducted and designed by
graphic facilitation & recording mastermind
Brandy Agerbeck


The Idea Shapers Tour
(Oct. 8th): € 490

Pyramid Power
(Oct. 9th): € 580

The Idea Shapers Tour & Pyramid Power
(Oct. 8th – 9th): € 995

(+ German VAT)

  • Agenda

    The Idea Shapers Tour (Oct. 8th)
    Brandy guides you through the five-steps process that helps you pull your ideas out of your head and onto paper. She introduces each of the 24 Idea Shapers from her book, stopping for hands-on exercises along the way. These activities will give you simple, powerful, new tools to use again and again.

    Other visual thinking courses focus on visuals. Brandy’s idea-shaping tour focuses on thinking. She makes abstract, conceptual thinking and spatial organization concrete, accessible and even fun! By strengthening your thinking muscles, you have life-long skills to create clarity for yourself and others.

    The workshop includes a copy of The Idea Shaper, 6 Neuland markers and your own sketchbook, along with all the materials you need for the day’s exercises.

    Pyramid Power (Oct. 9th)
    On the second day, Brandy leads you up The Pyramid. One of the Idea Shapers from her latest book, The Pyramid will transform your large-scale work. Shift from posters full of postage stamps to integrated compositions that lead the viewer on a clear path. Even drawing at smaller scales, knowing how to harness hierarchy and spatial organization will make you a stronger thinker and clearer communicator.

    Brandy’s shares the gems of her 20+ year graphic facilitation career helping groups make meaning of their current work and envision change. She gives you her best lessons from a lifetime of personal meaning-making with her unique approach to synthesis and visual composition. Brandy’s workshops are always a blend of rich content, hands-on practice and ample Q&A.

  • Trainer

    Graphic facilitator Brandy Agerbeck creates conceptual maps of conversations. Since 1996, her drawing and thinking skills have facilitated groups of 2 to 1000 across industries. Brandy’s images to help people navigate the complex world around them and bring clarity to their work. Brandy also is a visualization trainer, speaker and book author. Learn more at her website.

  • Target Group & Requirements

    This workshops are open to both professional visual facilitators and recorders and those who want to strengthen their visual skills for other roles.

  • Additional Services

    Documentation: Following the training, we will provide digital photo documentation with all the input from the trainers and the results of the group.

    Neuland discount: Our partner Neuland guarantees participants of our training sessions in Germany a discount on products from their entire range (excl. books; cannot be used in combination with other offers or discounts).

  • Information at a glance

    The Idea Shapers Tour (Day1): € 490
    Pyramid Power (Day2): € 580

    The Idea Shapers Tour & Pyramid Power  (Day1+2): € 995

     + (German VAT), including room use and material costs, food and beverages (lunch and breaks)

    Location: Neuland training center, Am Kreuzacker 7, Eichenzell, 90 minutes from Frankfurt Airport

    Group: max. 16 participants

    Course times: both days: 09:00 am – 05:00 pm

    Registration: Easy and convenient online registration, using our ticketing partner XingEvents. You can pay by credit card, direct debit, invoice, prepayment, or PayPal

    Rights of use: The training concept, methods, and contents are subject to copyright law

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