Sketchnoting (online)

Securing knowledge with „sketchnotes“ for lifelong learning

Do you feel the urge to scribble away with a pen whenever you learn something new and exciting? This is the primal human need to learn physically instead of absorbing knowledge with eyes and ears only – and the best prerequisite for „sketchnoting“ (or „visual notetaking“), a meaningful and at the same time enjoyable activity that is becoming more and more widespread.

Capturing content quickly in text, images and graphics – this has become a trend across all disciplines and countries in recent years known as sketchnoting. More and more people, whether students, experts or consultants, no longer leave home without a pen and sketchbook.

This training special offers you an introduction to the world of sketchnoting and teaches you the essential drawing strategies to get started right away with your own sketchnotebook.


Two-day training special
for beginners without previous knowledge


Visualization in small format
for knowledge retention


Under the guidance
by one or two specialized trainers from bikablo akademie


850,- EUR

  • Content

    Instead of just taking notes in a linear fashion, as a sketchnoter you record learning content with text, images and graphics in your sketchbook. Why does this make sense?

    • You transform passive „knowledge refueling“ into a creative and sensual process.
    • You choose what is important for you already while listening. You actively acquire knowledge instead of letting it passively rush through you.
    • You network knowledge several times in your brain: through the parallel development of word and image, content selection and structuring, and associative images.
    • The fun of drawing itself and the joy of the result are effective learning factors.
    • By reflecting on your visual notes, you will be able to recall learning content more quickly at a later date and can supplement what you have learned afterwards and share it with others.


    Our training special offers you an introduction to the world of sketchnoting. Explore the magic of small-format visualization for learning, knowledge retention, idea generation, and dialogue, and find your own sketchnoting style – with exercises in selective listening, simplified visual vocabulary, and quick layout techniques.

    This training special is ideal for getting started in the world of visualization via the small format. Previous knowledge, e.g. of a „bikablo basics training“, is helpful but not necessary.

    The focus of this training is working with fineliner, felt pen and paper. If you would like to sketch on a tablet, you are also welcome – although we will not go into the specific advantages and disadvantages of this medium in the training.

  • Agenda

    Learning from the group: You will discover the first success factors for your own style in first spontaneous sketchnoting exercises with the group.

    Visual vocabulary for sketchnoting: Together with your learning partners, you compile a small repertoire of simple pictograms and graphic elements that you can spontaneously „pull out of your sleeve“ when sketchnoting.

    Get to the heart of knowledge with thought sketches: They translate the content structure of complex statements into a visual syntax, creating „aha“ moments and learning anchors.

    Writing and portraiture: You’ll expand your visual expression with variations of your handwriting and „handlettering fonts“ for highlighting and headlines. You will learn step by step how to make simple portraits, for example, to create eye-catchers for lecture sketchnotes.

    Using layout models to create order: You will explore different principles of order that will help you to bring even complex content onto the page in a structured way and guide the viewer’s eye.

    Practice under real conditions: You will sketch presentations, dialogues with interlocutors and written content and thus find the right approaches for your needs.

  • Targetgroup

    You are a visualization novice and want to enter the world of visual thinking in small steps or you are an accomplished visualizer and want to add a new facet to your visualization skills.

    You want to visually acquire the knowledge from demanding technical literature yourself.

    You are looking for strategies to capture content from lectures, talks or conferences.

    You want to enrich customer and colleague conversations with quick thought sketches.

    They would like to approach „in small format“ the professional field of the Graphic Recorder.

  • Additional services

    Documentation: For your follow-up we create a digital photo documentation with all inputs of the trainers and the results of the learning group.

    Handout PDF: In addition, you will receive a digital handout with in-depth content on the training topic.

    bikablo Alumni Community: Everyone who has attended a training with us receives an invitation to this online community, which offers a wealth of tips, links and recommendations. At the heart of this is a forum where members can discuss visualization topics and share their own icons, key images and posters.

    Neuland discount: Our cooperation partner Neuland grants participants of our trainings in Germany a discount on the entire product range (excluding books; offer cannot be combined with existing discount schemes).

  • Info at a glance

    Price: 850,- EUR + VAT.

    Location: online by zoom

    Trainer: Amelie Vesper, Sketchnoting trainers of the bikablo akademie

    Group: max. 16 participants

    Times: 3 Day: 09.00 – 01.00 EST

    Rights of use: Our training concept and the methodology used in the training are subject to copyright. Learn more about this.

    Registration: Online, easy and convenient via our ticketing partner XingEvents. You can pay by credit card, direct debit, invoice, prepayment or PayPal.

    You can find our terms and conditions here.


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