Inhouse-Trainings and Social Media

Susann Figueredo Hechavarria

Linguist and educationalist, phonetician

In a very short time, Susann has developed into a competent, approachable and committed customer advisor for our corporate trainings. She is the right address when it comes to customized training concepts and tricky scheduling questions. As she is a linguist and knows how to handle the written word, you can also find her as an editor in the bikabloBLOG.

Also in action in front of the camera

Besides customer consulting, our video productions are the highlight of my work. Whether small commercials or extensive video trainings: standing in front of the camera in our bikablo studio and imparting knowledge together has become one of my heart’s desires.

I enjoyed the production of our video training bundle “Sketchnote-Scribing” the most. Taking on the role of the curious training participant and poking holes in the trainer’s belly is right up my alley!



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