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    Visualization appreciates participation

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    Draw the way to a solution

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    Whoever visualizes, leads

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    Seen. Heard. Recorded.

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No special talent or previous knowledge needed

Learn visualization
as the language for the 21st century.

Are you responsible for managing projects or improving processes, developing digital products or marketing them? Are you an educator, wanting to capture and communicate knowledge in a nutshell? Or do you work as a consultant and are looking for a more compelling way to explain complex content? For this, hand-drawn graphic visualization is being rediscovered as a cultural technique. Would you like to be a part of this movement?

We will help you discover, develop, and apply your visual skills. In hundreds of training projects every year, we teach thousands of beginners, advanced practitioners, and experts to think with their pen. For this, we came up with our own drawing method – the bikablo visualization technique. And based on this, a comprehensive visual vocabulary has since been developed, which you will also find in our products (e.g. in our visual dictionaries).

bikablo akademie exlusively uses ist own, tried-and-tested learning methods, creating learning environments that lead to quick progress. Where to start? Check out our bikablo basics training courses which our global trainers offer all over the world. No previous knowledge required.

Grab your pen and start thinking in fresh new ways!

for the world

bikablo global training

The world of visual thinking, learning, and
collaborating with certified global bikablo trainers

bikablo trainer teams are being built up all over the world, bringing the possibilities of visual thinking, learning and collaboration closer to their fellow countrymen. They are trained and certified by the bikablo akademie in Cologne and are exclusively entitled to offer training according to our concept and under our brand. The bikablo global trainers together form a worldwide knowledge network that is constantly exchanging ideas and developing visual thinking, learning and collaboration under the umbrella of our brand.

for advanced practitioners

advanced training

Training courses by bikablo akademie, in English



Complex picture stories for a successful knowledge transfer



Listening and then translating content into murals in real-time

for organizations

in-house training

Training sessions for individuals or teams, and impulse training for large groups

for those who want more

bikablo masterclasses

Special courses by international visualization professionals, hosted by bikablo akademie

Want to learn more? Training Manager Gesa Schiffmann is looking forward to receiving
your inquiry at akademie@bikablo.com or 0221 – 98 55 90 2-0.