Deep Dives into the world of visual thinking
a free offer from bikablo for all visualization enthusiasts, several times a month, about 90 minutes, appointments in German and English

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“Thinking with your pen” in a complex world

The age of knowledge is making way for the age of images.

With pen in hand, an ever-growing number of people are using visualization to secure common knowledge, explain strategies and processes, connect specialists, and develop smarter products.

Where in the past text wastelands sprawled and diagram battles raged, today’s knowledge workers instead choose to draw their way to a solution. This is not only effective, it’s also great fun. And it boosts the quality of collaboration – benefitting your project, your team, your strategy, or your change project.

bikablo is a pioneer, laboratory and training center for hand-drawn visualization. We share new images and visual methods with the world, provide exceptional learning experiences, and create communities of visualizing people.

All this from a single source, united under the umbrella of the new bikablo GmbH & Co. KG – and as a partner of the Kommunikationslotsen business consultancy.

See for yourself. We look forward to hearing from you!

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  • visualization in all its facets

    bikablo bildwerk
    in the service of your project,
    strategy and change process


Strategic Visualization

process images for
business communication

We create dialogue pictures, strategy visualizations,
interactive presentations, infographics and videoscribe clips.


Graphic Recording

visualization in real-time
at conferences

We make large group dialogues visible through murals,
picture galleries, Sketchnoting or digital media.


Visual Meeting Facilitation

supporting dialogue
with our pen

As Visual Facilitators, we support meetings and workshops
for team, process, product, or project development.


Visual Consulting

visual strategies for
change processes

Professional, participatory, and sustainable –
together we plan how best to use visual interventions to meet your needs.

Interested? The bildwerk project management team is looking forward to
your inquiry at or +49 221 – 98 55 90 2-5.

  • learn how to visualize

    bikablo akademie
    The training program for visual thinking,
    learning, and collaborating


bikablo global training program

The world of visual thinking, learning, and
collaborating with certified global bikablo trainers

for beginners

basics training

the basics of visual thinking, learning,
and collaboration – with the bikablo technique

for advanced practitioners

advanced training

Training courses by bikablo akademie,
in English

for organizations

in-house training

Training sessions for individuals or teams,
and impulse training for large groups

for visual practitioners

bikablo master classes

Special courses by international visualization
professionals, hosted by bikablo akademie

Want to learn more? The bikablo training management team is looking forward to recieving your inquiry at or +49 221 – 98 55 90 2-0.

bikablo-Produkte auf

Visualization works.
This is what it can do for you.


Teams and project groups

make hidden topics visible and
create target images that everyone
can get behind.


Large organizations

create a common understanding
of change processes,
using images that everyone can relate to.


Staff developers

with visualization skills
have a key qualification that
is fun for all employees.


Product developers

take the questions, requirements,
and ideas of all stakeholders and then hammer
out the “big picture” of the project.


Agile thinkers

use thought sketches at the
whiteboard to arrive at even smarter
solutions in even shorter meetings.


Facilitators, coaches, and consultants

bring process designs and
consulting concepts to life with
the help of visual methods.


Process optimizers

find bottlenecks and improvement
potential more quickly
thanks to visualized work processes.


Trainers and instructors

use visualization to
share their knowledge more
effectively and sustainably.


Managers and leaders

make a business culture, structure,
or strategy visible – raising pressing topics
for discussion with employees.

We already work for: