We are bikablo

More than a company. More than a network. The nucleus for a creative working world of tomorrow.


We are bikablo. Ambassadors for a different way of working.

We believe that you can create change with images and that participation from others is the foundation for this. We bring new images, techniques and methods into the world, enable extraordinary learning experiences and create communities of visualizers. We see ourselves as a community and socially engaged organization. Our business goal is creating the Good Life.

Let’s get to know each other!

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"bi-ka- ... I beg your pardon?"

Long before “graphic recording” or “sketchnoting” was on everyone’s lips, we were among the pioneers of visual thinking, learning and collaboration in Europe. Almost 20 years ago, the founders of bikablo started as a visualization team within the organizational consultancy Kommunikationslotsen. In 2006, our first “visual dictionary” (the infamous “Bilder-Karten-Block”) was published by neuland.com, and in 2011 bikablo was registered as a trademark. Since 2015, we have been working as an independent training and consulting company based in Cologne, Germany.

Today, we support hundreds of projects each year with our multi-talented 60-person team of trainers and visualizers worldwide. We also train thousands of participants each year in our visualization methodology.

Visual thinking worldwide

20 Years of experience

… in the areas of visual thinking, learning and collaboration.


…we effectively manage six-figure budgets and complete corporate communications projects.

Conference Support

… we bring your events to life through images.

bikablo School Team

In our pro bono project “bikablo goes to school”, visually enthusiastic colleagues who are teacher trainers help us spread bikablo into the education system. These leaders know the difference that working with a pen makes and advocate for all the benefits of visualization when it comes to teaching, learning, and education.

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WORKING WITH OUR headS, handS and heartS

Bikablo goes to school

Visualization in school can do more than just create illustrated notes. The image, according to social psychologist Kurt Lewin, is always a prelude to a dialogue on a higher level. When visualization is used not only as a product, but as a component of the appropriation process, it can provide multiple approaches to understanding and knowledge. In this sense, we understand visualization as a cultural technique that makes knowledge visible and shapes dialogues.

bikablo macht Schule (what we call it in German) is a team of experienced bikablo trainers and subject matter leaders from different educational contexts including schools and universities. We have educators from primary school to advanced education and a collection of freelancers who are involved in development projects and promotion. Together, we offer a training program tailored to teaching and learning that shares our visualization techniques in three steps. Our methodology aligns with the fundamentals of learning and education and incorporates digital technologies. Our vision is to provide teachers and learners with individualized strategies to acquire and pass on knowledge combining the wisdom of their heads, hearts and hands through thinking with the pen.

We are currently at the end of a pilot phase for the program. We are implementing and evaluating three modules we have developed in various German states and in the Netherlands.

Company goal: the Good Life

Some call it “corporate social responsibility”, we simply call it “the good life”. Bikablo and our community of freelance trainers and visualizers want to contribute to a world worth living in, beyond just customer projects and training. This is how we want to contribute to the world. We take small actions everyday to be good citizens and we take bigger actions like building bikablo macht Schule, supporting the visualization project #ourStories, making a financial commitment to Cap Anamur and our certification as a climate neutral company.

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