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The Online Collections by bikablo

A long-held dream of the global visualization community has come true: the content of our industry bestsellers, the Visual Dictionaries, finally in digital form!

So, in addition to the book, you can now easily carry your visual vocabulary around in your pocket: The Online Collections are always available in your web browser and the bikablo App. And in addition to hundreds of field-tested icons, key images, and poster templates, they offer instructional videos and a linked keyword directory.

bikablo 1 Online Collection

Your entry point into the world of visualization

bikablo® 1 is your ticket to the world of visualization: Martin Haussmann has compiled hundreds of compelling pictograms and key images and organized them by theme in 144 pages – specially tailored to the needs of visual trainers, presenters and consultants. The drawings are so simple that you can easily copy, vary, and recombine them in analog or digital form. In the latest edition, we have completely revised our bestseller and adapted it to the current, simplified drawing technique.

bikablo 2.0 Online Collection

New images for Meetings, Training & Learning

bikablo® 2.0 picks up where bikablo® 1 leaves off: the book offers insider tips for professional visualizations, a best-of chapter of the most popular figures, graphics and symbols along the complete poster layouts for the most diverse training and facilitation situations. In addition, it features chapters structured by content or topics such as “Workshop/ Meeting/Seminar/Training” or “Company/Organization/Market”. The bikablo® 2.0 is a must for everyone already inspired by bikablo® 1, because now there is hardly not a single topic that doesn’t have its own picture!

bikablo emotions Online Collection

Small figures with big emotions

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bikablo posters Online Collection

… for flipcharts, method posters & pictorial worlds

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What else would you like to know?

The Online Collection is not an e-book, but a cloud-based, living digital platform with some special additional features. Among other things, you will also find the images that you know from the printed Visual Dictionary with the same name.

An Online Collection is also not a clipart collection from which you can download images into external programs. The keyworded images are – as in the visual dictionaries – designed as templates and sources of inspiration for your own drawings. 

  • You can purchase our Online Collections in our Web Store. Please learn that It is not available in the InApp-Store in the bikablo App. 
  • With the purchase you create a bikablo user account with a password and get access to your customer area.There you can use the Online Collection immediately.
  • If you already have a bikablo account, the Online Collection will be added to your products automatically.
  • Be careful not to accidentally create a second account with a different email address. We use the platform elopage.

You can use your bikablo products device-independently in the web browser and the bikablo App (Android and iOS, see below). As desktop browser we recommend Firefox or Google Chrome.

In the bikablo App you have the online collection available with one click. The navigation is optimized for mobile devices and especially clearer on smartphones.

There is a linked key word index in German and English. By clicking you will get to a page where you can find the corresponding image. Unfortunately our platform can’t link directly to the image yet, so you might have to scroll a bit 😉 Also there is no search function with text input yet. We are working on it!

Our images, videos, training concepts and other content are subject to copyright. Learn more about it here.

This product only works on one device at a time. Switching to another device may take up to 5 minutes.

When you use your Online Collection in the bikablo app, you can download the entire product or individual lessons to your device for offline use. “Download” does not mean that you can save individual images from it to another location on your device. 

The plan is to keep this product permanently available for you. However, we cannot predict the future. Strategic or technical reasons could lead us to stop offering it in this form at some point. In any case, we guarantee a period of 24 months from purchase, as long as our platform elopage makes this technically possible. You can find out more in our terms and conditions in the footer.

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