Specialized Bikablo Training

Visualization designed for specific industries & professional roles


Specialized Bikablo Training for your specific work context

Thinking with a pen customized for your personal professional growth. Our specialized training courses introduce you to techniques such as digital visualization, sketchnoting or lettering, or visualization methods designed for specific industries or professional roles. Let us show you what’s possible!

Upcoming Specialized Training Dates

    "Super introduction to all topics, nice inspiratipnen, good atmosphere. A successful course."
    Hier klicken
    "I left the training exhilarated, with a desire to keep at it. I will choose the appropriate icons for my work and practice, practice, practice... I highly recommend this training."
    Monique Moretti
    Hier klicken
    "This was the most delightful training I have attended in ages! Thank you again!"
    Karen S. Krönert
    Hier klicken
    "I feel like someone gave me a huge gift. There was always something new to learn, and ways to keep growing. Fantastic! I think it was a really well-rounded learning experience. I feel happy, exhausted, thank you!”
    Claudia Henrichs
    Hier klicken
    "My fear of drawing disappeared immediately. I found great joy through the design process. And I'm full of drive to put what I've learned into practice."
    Katharina Bertsch
    Hier klicken


    bikablo basics trainings

    Whether you are a beginner “with two left hands” or self-taught – a bikablo basics training is the springboard for you into the wonderful world of visual thinking. More than a thousand participants worldwide attend our 2-day basics course each year. In a small group of like-minded people, our trainers provide individualized feedback and support to address your unique learning needs. When appropriate, we divide the learning group into teams at different levels. After two days of training with us, you’ll come to the realization that, “I can visualize – and use it in my job tomorrow!”

    After completing the training, you can keep the momentum going by enrolling in one of our video courses or an online “e-xtraClass” program (which is exclusively for graduates of our basics training).


    The Visual Facilitator Program

    A unique, comprehensive 6-module training program designed to help you build a diverse set of professional visualization skills to capture information in different contexts. You can book the full program or each module individually. 

    Visual Storytelling

    Developing visual stories to communicate ideas 

    Graphic Recording

    Listening and translating content in real time into knowledge maps

    Visual Meeting Facilitation

    Shaping dialogues with mapping and visual methods

    Visual Coaching

    Using the pen to guide people to their goals

    Visual Process Mapping

    Drawing together to illustrate, examine and improve processes

    Visual Consulting

    Providing consulting in organization development through process work with a pen


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