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Bikablo visual dictionaries and learning tools

Inside each resource is a wealth of visual vocabulary, image ideas and visualization methods that have become a standard in the international visual practitioner community due to their simplicity and systematic nature.

The visual concepts in our books and tools are based on the same drawing technique that we teach in our training courses. The content in these resources is in German and English. These resources have been distributed exclusively by our partner Neuland for over 15 years.

New: bikablo Online Collections 

The contents of our four visual dictionaries now also available digitally on all devices and the bikablo app.



bikablo® 1 Visual Dictionary​

Your entry point into the world of visualization.

Do you speak bikablo? Martin Haussmann has compiled more than 400 compelling pictograms and key images and organized them by theme in 144 pages – specially tailored to the needs of visual trainers, presenters and consultants. The drawings are so simple that you can easily copy, vary, and recombine them in analog or digital form. In the latest edition, we have completely revised our bestseller and adapted it to the current, simplified drawing technique.

144 pages, full-color, in a handy A5 format and a unique half-linen binding.

bikablo® 2.0 Visual Dictionary​

New images for Meetings, Training & Learning

bikablo® 2.0 picks up where bikablo® 1 leaves off: the book offers insider tips for professional visualizations, a best-of chapter of the most popular figures, graphics and symbols along the complete poster layouts for the most diverse training and facilitation situations. In addition, it features chapters structured by content or topics such as “Workshop/ Meeting/Seminar/Training” or “Company/Organization/Market”. The bikablo® 2.0 is a must for everyone already inspired by bikablo® 1, because now there is hardly not a single topic that doesn’t have its own picture!

144 pages, full-color, in handy A5 format and a unique half-linen binding.

bikablo® emotions Visual Dictionary​

Small figures with big emotions

Images and dialogue are the best way to uncover group dynamics, to bring the unspoken to the table, to express needs and to reach a common understanding. For this purpose we have developed the bikablo® emotions figures. With them, you can draw expressive figures for all situations quickly and without any prior experience. The “small figures with big emotions” recreate feelings and situations so simply and effectively that they quickly become your go-to resource – in coaching, training, mediation, projects and team development.

144 pages, full-color, in handy A5 format and a unique half-linen binding.

bikablo posters Visual Dictionary

Visual dictionary for flipcharts, method posters & pictorial worlds

The latest “bikablo” visual dictionary provides inspiration for your conversation or communication posters – for coaching, online workshops, large group conferences, graphic recording or other situations where you need to share or capture information. To help you find the right template, each one includes a set of keywords that reflect how we typically use the posters.

Martin Haussmann’s latest work brings together 130 poster templates which include everything from; the classic welcome poster, to check-in templates, to reflection on open space and future search exercises to the world. As always with bikablo, everything is completely systematic, based on our extensive experience in facilitation and all elements are versatile and easy to trace. To help you dive right in, bikablo posters book begins with a review of the most important visualization tips for flipcharts and pinboards to level up your visuals from the start.

144 pages, full-color, in handy A5 format with a unique half-linen binding.

Soon also available as digital online collection

bikablo® icons
Icon Card Set

Card box for visual methods

When words fail you, it’s time to open the icon box and let the pictures speak for you. The bikablo® icon set contains 210 icons and figures from our visualization practice. There are 120 icon cards, which we have developed in countless training sessions, helping you bring content to the point. In addition, there is a set of 30 action cards. These easy-to-trace figures represent typical actions from day-to-day life and can be combined with the icons to create meaningful pictures. To depict feelings, you will also find 30 positive and 30 negative emotion cards which illustrate different emotional states. Each card in the set includes keywords on the back to give you ideas of what they could represent. To help navigate this collection of cards, there is a summary booklet you can use as a quick reference.

Each box includes: 210 10 x 10 cm cards, a 60-page booklet, 1 Outliner marker and  2 Neuland No.One visualization markers.

UZMO - Thinking With Your Pen

Present, document and explore visually – Martin Haussmann’s bestseller presents a comprehensive framework for visual learning, mediation, sketchnoting, graphic recording, visual storytelling and visual facilitation. With examples from the field for practice and step-by-step instructions, it opens up new paths into the world of visual language for beginners and advanced learners alike.

304 pages, illustrated in full colour, available in A5 softcover format with flaps and published by Redline Verlag

This book has been published in German, English, French and Chinese.

Proceeds from the sale of this book support the German aid organization Cap Anamur.

bikablo® sketchnoter
Sketchbook for visualizers

Elegant hardcover sketchbook featuring 144 blank pages, linen spine and practical visualization cheat sheet. In four color variants and the design of our legendary Visual Dictionaries.

What distinguishes our products


bikablo basics Trainings

Whether you are a beginner “with two left hands” or self-taught – a bikablo basics training is the springboard for you into the wonderful world of visual thinking. More than a thousand participants worldwide attend our 2-day basics course each year. In a learning group of like-minded people, our trainers provide individualized feedback and support to address your unique learning needs. When appropriate, we divide the learning group into teams at different levels. After two days of training with us, you’ll come to the realization that, “I can visualize – and use it in my job tomorrow!” 

After completing the training, you can keep the momentum going by enrolling in one of our video courses or an online “e-xtraClass” program (which is exclusively for graduates of our basics training).


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