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Want to learn to visualize? It’s easier than you think!

We know how to do it, and we can show you. Where else can you find a learning community with more than 20 years of experience, a comprehensive portfolio of visual training programs, (which are often recognized as standards in the field), and a collection of books and learning tools to support the methodology? Whether it’s basic skills, visual storytelling, graphic recording, sketchnoting, visual meeting facilitation or visual coaching – with bikablo you can learn the skills you need. 

We are a group of pioneers, a lab for experimentation and a learning community that is passionate about sharing our knowledge of visualization and visual thinking with the world and learning from it. Through the hundreds of training courses we deliver each year, we have thousands of enthusiastic participants around the world. We offer learning opportunities and resources for beginners, advanced practitioners and specialists in a variety of fields. We also offer a broad selection of learning formats such as live webinars, video courses and classroom training. You can participate in one of our open (public) training programs or bring us in-house for a private training for your team.


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    Custom learning experiences on visualization for teams, organizations and networks

    Everything you find in our public training programs can be booked as in-house training for your team, your organization, or your network. We can deliver a short impulse training online, a two-day face-to-face event at your meeting facilities or a complete training program with video courses, online and offline modules.

    We work closely with training and human resource departments in large companies who understand that visual thinking is a key skill for the future of work.

    Do you have a team that wants to develop their own icons to explain processes? Do your sales people who need quick sketching skills to sell or explain how your products work or people on your training teams who need to design better flip charts? Do you want your remote staff to learn digital presentation techniques? Or do you simply want a low-threshold opportunity to find out how visualization can be a game changer for your company?

    Reach out to our training consultant Susann and she’ll work with you to figure out which training can help your organization step into visual work. Oftentimes people think, “visualization will never work in our company”, but we can help overcome this limiting belief and help your organization quickly find the first step together into the world of visual language.

    Download our in-house program PDF for more details and pricing!

    "Due to the fact that the training was conducted online and we mainly worked in a small format, I was able to take away not only agile methods but also numerous tips for my (online) work environment from the training. The trainers managed to combine agile knowledge and visual language in such a way and convey it to us that I enjoy agile work even more and can bring more efficiency into my professional life."
    Xiaoli about the Visual Agile training
    Hier klicken
    "I left the seminar exhilarated, with a desire to keep at it. I will pick the appropriate symbols for myself and practice, practice, practice... I highly recommend the training."
    Monique Moretti
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    "This was the most delightful training I have attended in ages! Thank you again!"
    Karen S. Krönert
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    "I feel like someone gave me a huge gift. There was always something new to learn, and ways to keep growing. Fantastic! I think it was a really well-rounded learning experience. I feel happy, exhausted, thank you!"
    Claudia Henrichs
    Hier klicken

    Keep building your visual skills with bikablo e- xtraClass

    Participants often ask us.

    “How can I continue to learn?”

    “After the basics training, what is the next step?”

    “How do I integrate my new visualization skills into my daily work?”

    bikablo e-xtraClass your next step in continuing your journey to build and integrate your visualization skills  In 9 online sessions, we help you practice and embed visualization skills into your daily work. We share new technologies, learning methods and you receive in-depth support and feedback from an experienced bikablo trainer in a small group setting. Have you attended a bikablo basics training? Join us!



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