The cooperation partners of bikablo

An African proverb says, “If you want to travel fast, travel alone. If you want to travel far, travel together.” Since we have set our sights high, we have also chosen the right companions – for challenging visualization projects as well as for our corporate goal “the good life”: The organizational consultancy Kommunikationslotsen, the seminar supplier Neuland, the visualization organization IFVP/EVP, the aid organization Cap Anamur and the climate foundation myClimate.



The idea bikablo was born over 20 years ago under the umbrella of the organizational consultancy Kommunikationslotsen. Our common vision: to develop making dialogue visible as an elementary part of change processes and large group work. Since 2015, bikablo has been sailing under its own flag, but still working closely with the facilitators and organizational consultants of Lotsen.

We share a long history, common values as people and in working with people, and still many exciting projects where we can contribute our respective expertise in partnership.



bikablo takes care of the “how” of visualization, Neuland develops the “with what”. For more than 15 years we have been working closely with the facilitation supplier from the Rhön. Above all, of course, we publish our legendary “Visual Dictionaries of Visual Language” through Neuland, which have already found their way into the toolboxes of facilitators, trainers, moderators, coaches and consultants ten thousand times over. But we are also happy to be guests at their facilities hosting our participants for our Basics training programs. We also tinker together to develop digital products that combine the “how” and the “with what” in a new way.

We are also a part of the Neuland Toolmaster program.

A wealth of image vocabulary, templates and visual methods: our learning tools


The IFVP is the traditional worldwide association of visual thinkers, visual facilitators, graphic recorders, sketchnotists, strategy visualizers and sketchnotists. “Visual Practitioner” is the umbrella term for this young and colorful community. Since many years bikablo and its freelancers are part of it and participate in its committees.

The community meets annually for a large conference, which is always held at a different place on the globe.

We are especially active in the European network EVP (European Visual Practitioners), which is part of IFVP.



The non-profit association Cap Anamur / Deutsche Not-Ärzte e.V. in Cologne was founded in 1979 by Christel and Rupert Neudeck and some of their friends, including Heinrich Böll. Since then, Cap Anamur has been providing humanitarian aid worldwide, even in places where media interest has long since died down. The focus is on medical care and access to education.

Giving something back to the world is a matter close to bikablo’s heart. That’s why we have been supporting Cap Anamur since our founding with the author proceeds from our industry bestseller “UZMO – Thinking with a Pen”. We are happy about every one of our participants, customers and colleagues who joins.

The people of Cap Anamur are not only close to us in their values, because their office is also in Cologne.



Greenhouse gases from industry, energy generation, traffic and agriculture heat up the climate. Also bikablo GmbH & Co. KG also contributes to this: The office team drives to work every day, our rooms are heated with natural gas, and even the production of our computers consumed energy. Most importantly: our trainers and visualizers travel to over 500 projects a year throughout Germany, Europe and sometimes to other continents.

For years, we have been using natural electricity from renewable energy sources, have our printed materials produced climate neutrally, use the internet search engine Ecosia, and travel by train whenever possible.

Since 2018, bikablo has gone one step further: we offset the “carbon footprint” of our company. The foundation myclimate from Switzerland is our partner for this. The goal: The amount of greenhouse gases we produce per year is reduced or saved elsewhere.



News from the bikaBLOG

bikablo: Top in the SZ training ranking

In the 2024 continuing education ranking by Süddeutsche Zeitung (largest german broadsheet newspaper), our visualization training ranks at the top in the creative field – even ahead of major providers like Udemy or ZEIT Akademie. How is it that we, as a relatively small ‘training boutique,’ perform so well?

sharing iPad screen in MS Teams using CamLink and OBS

How to use your iPad instead of the webcam in MS Teams

Why do I want to connect the iPad to MS Teams (or Zoom)?
I would like to be able to show my iPad Screen as a tile in the normal Teams window. It should be subtle and not by sharing my screen to draw to much attention and to have a seamless switch between different views. I can i.e.
• document the meeting using OneNote or ProCreate
• easily zoom into pictures or drawing
• easily annotate pictures or digital whiteboards
• using the drawing feature while presenting your content

Hiromi Hara

Design Thinking and Visual Thinking – a perfect fit?

In a recent interview Hiromi Hara speaks about her experience with applying the design thinking method with the help of visualization.
Hara explains that design thinking is not primarily about problem solving, rather about unveiling complex problems and getting better insight in the root cause of issues, hence the importance of the expression of individual perception and the comprehensible yet memorable depiction of thinking processes.