Frequently asked questions and our answers

I have set up a bikablo account. What is “elopage”?
We use the platform for our online store. Elopage sends you an email in certain situations. Elopage also handles our payment processing. That’s why Elopage-Support is your point of contact when it comes to billing issues.

There is a technical problem with my account or product.
Please contact us at and describe your problem in detail, preferably with a screenshot.

I can’t find my purchased product/training in my account.
Could it be that you have created several accounts with different email addresses? You can merge several payer accounts. You can also find all the products you have purchased from other providers who use Elopage in your account.

When I open a product, I get the message “The product is already being used on another device”.
Please note that you can only use a product on one device or browser at a time. Additional use in the bikablo app is also not possible. “Switching” from one device to another can take 5 minutes. If you are sure that it is not “open” elsewhere, simply reload the page in the browser (“Refresh” button) or try it with a different browser, then it should work.

I would like to delete my bikablo/Elopage account.
You will not suffer any disadvantages if you keep your account, even if you no longer use our products. But of course we fully understand if you want to delete it. You can request the deletion of your account via Unfortunately, Elopage does not have an automatic function for this. This is because Elopage has to check first whether there are any outstanding invoices.


I have purchased a product on the bikablo website. Can I also use it in the bikablo app – and vice versa?
At any time 🙂 Your login on the website and the bikablo app both use your account with all your products. Make sure that you haven’t accidentally created multiple accounts with different email addresses. If this is the case, you can merge the different accounts. Please note that you can only use one product on one device or browser at a time. Switching from one device to another can take 5 minutes.

Can I download images and videos from the products to my device?
Our app offers you the option of downloading your products to your mobile device so that you can use them offline if you don’t have internet access. To do this, there is a “Download” function under the three-dot-menu on the start page of each product. For copyright reasons, it is not possible to save individual images and videos outside the product.

Can I simply delete the app from my device?
You can delete the bikablo app from your device without hesitation. Your account will remain active and you can still access it via the login.


I would like to book a training or buy a product for someone else.
You can enter the participant’s address and billing address separately in the order process. The invoice will automatically be sent to the email in the billing address and an account will be created with the email address of the participant(s). Please note that the confirmation will also be sent to the email in the participant’s address.

I would like to gift someone a training or product.
Please contact and we will issue a gift voucher as a PDF with an individual access code.

The order process is not working, e.g. my Paypal or credit card is not being accepted.
It often helps to use a different browser and a “private window”. Perhaps the server is overloaded, in which case you will simply have to wait ten minutes.

I cannot use the available payment methods.
We ask for your understanding that we cannot offer purchase on account for low-priced products. If you (e.g. within your company) can only purchase on account, but this is not possible for the desired product, we can issue you with an individual invoice and activate the product manually. Please contact for this. We charge an administration fee of 10% of the net price, at least €10.

I need a reference number on the invoice (e.g. PO number)
We are working on adding a button for that during the ordering process. Until then, please simply write your reference number behind the company name.

I need a different address on my invoice.
Please contact

The payment term for purchase on account is 14 days. This is not possible for my company. What can I do?
Please contact BEFORE the payment deadline expires and we will find a solution. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent the training product from being blocked in your account until payment has been made. However, you can be sure that you will receive all important information from us in good time.

I have a problem with the payment process or an incorrect payment.
Our Elopage platform also handles our payment processing. Usually, the quickest way is to contact Elopage support directly.

My desired training course is fully booked. What can I do?
Contact us via email and let us put you on the waiting list. This is also possible directly via the respective training page. We can often make places available at short notice. Alternatively, you can put together a group of at least eight participants and book an in-house training with us, which is cheaper per person.

How can I cancel a training?
The cancellation conditions in our General Terms and Conditions are simple and unambiguous: if you cancel up to 30 days before the training, 10% of the training fee will be charged, after that 100% has to be paid. Please note: We can only waive the cancellation fee if we can find a replacement participant. You can help us with this. The earlier you cancel, the better the chance of finding a replacement.

Tip: Travel cancellation or ticket insurance
Even in cases of absolute hardship, we want to adhere to our terms and conditions. So our tip: take out insurance! 

Can I change my booking to another date?
The above regulations also apply in full here: Rebookings made 30 days or more before the training are subject to a 100% cancellation fee. If you rebook 30 days before the date or there is a replacement participant, we can offer you an internal rebooking: We will book you onto the new training in our system and you will not receive a new invoice. The original invoice from your Elopage booking will apply with the “old” training date and its payment deadlines. This saves you the 10% cancellation fee. Any more questions? An email to bikablo training management will help you!

These regulations apply to all training courses offered directly by bikablo GmbH & Co. KG directly. For bikablo trainings organized by our partners, their terms and conditions apply.

So many trainings and products … How do I find the right one for me?
Just give us a call! We will be happy to advise you: 0049 221-98559024. The best time to reach us is in the morning (GMT+2).

I would like to book several trainings at once or the Visual Facilitator Curriculum. Is there a discount?
Just give us a call! We will be happy to advise you: 0049 221-98559024. The best time to reach us is in the morning (GMT+2).

How do I find out about new training dates?
Simply subscribe to our free newsletter.

Does the training teach what I already know from the bikablo products?
bikablo products and trainings are based on the bikablo visualization technique. You will also learn how to develop your own key images, layouts and posters in the training, aswell as developing your own visualization style in the advanced training.

Can I also become a bikablo trainer?
bikablo trainings are offered exclusively by trainers and training partners of the bikablo academy. If you are interested in working with us, you are welcome to send us an email.

Is bikablo basics the right training for me?
bikablo basics is aimed at “absolute beginners” and beginners with previous knowledge. If you want to learn basic techniques, familiarize yourself with pen, line and color and improve your handwriting, you’ve come to the right place. Even if you are already working with our “Visual Dictionaries” or other products from the bikablo series, you will learn step by step how to build up and combine the components of our visualization technique meaningfully. If in doubt – just send us a few visualization examples, we will be happy to advise you!

How can I continue after a basics training course?
That depends on your preferences and learning goals. Many alumni opt for the e-xtra class with 9 online sessions to deepen their knowledge and keep going. The bikablo Advanced Training is also a very suitable next training for those who have taught themselves the first visualization techniques. Another option would be Module A “Visual Storytelling” of the Visual Facilitator Curriculum.


Can I take part in the curriculum even though I have not attended bikablo basics?
Our curriculum modules build on the bikablo visualization technique taught in the basics training. We therefore recommend that you attend this training first. Perhaps you have already taught yourself these skills? Just send us a few samples of your work so that our training consultant can make a good assessment.

Which module in the curriculum is right for me?
The six modules open different doors into the world of visualization. Not all curriculum modules are available in English. You can find an overview of all available training courses here.

What do I have to take care of as the host of an in-house training course?
In-house training is led by one or two trainers from our team, but is organized by the customer themselves (date, location, participants, premises, materials, etc.). This allows us to offer in-house training courses at a lower price than our open courses.

Is this also possible abroad and in other languages?
We work worldwide and in different languages. In-house training courses abroad are usually led by our certified partners from the bikablo global trainer team.

What about copyrights?
Our training concept and the methodology used in the training are subject to copyright. More on this below under “Copyright, copyrights and rights of use”.

Are one-day trainings also possible?
We naturally recommend the two-day trainings. This allows us to teach visualization skills in a sustainable way and ensure transfer to everyday life through an extensive practice phase and reflection. One-day basics trainings are also possible, whereby the group should then continue to practice together in a self-organized manner. Alternatively, we offer impulse training for larger groups. We will find the best solution together.

Is it possible to train my entire team?
An entire department can also book a training course with us. Everyone should then actually have the opportunity to use visualization in their day-to-day work.

Can I combine a training course with content from the Visual Facilitator Curriculum?
This is possible to a certain extent and is also desired by us. For example, we can work on the basic techniques on the first day and tailor the other phases and the practical workshop to your learning objectives on the second day. We are happy to put together a suitable advanced program.

Can I also integrate impulse training into a company party?
Do your guests really want to learn something or are they just coming to celebrate? Even if our impulse trainings are a lot of fun for everyone – we don’t do “pure” incentives or entertainment shows.

What is a bikablo-certified global trainer?
Bikablo-certified global trainers are trained by the bikablo academy in various training concepts and have the exclusive right to offer these trainings in their regions. They are usually independent trainers or teams who also offer other soft skills trainings regionally and work as consultants, coaches and facilitators.

Is a training from the bikablo academy and a bikablo global trainer the same?
The training courses for which our global trainers are certified are the same as the training courses that bikablo GmbH & Co. KG offers directly – in terms of learning content, didactics and methodology. Global trainers modify the bikablo training concept when it is necessary to take regional cultural characteristics and learning habits into account.

Can I also become a bikablo-certified global trainer?
Please contact program manager Frank Wesseler to learn more about the program.


Where can I order the visual dictionaries and learning products from bikablo?
Exclusively at We do not sell them ourselves. bikablo develops the bikablo products, Neuland distributes them exclusively. Neuland grants resellers volume discounts. Fixed book prices apply.

Do the bikablo products overlap in terms of content?
Essentially, the products are independent. In bikablo 2.0 some successful pictograms from bikablo 1 are presented again, bikablo icons has borrowed some figures from bikablo emotions.

How does bikablo deal with copyright?
Copyright and usage rights are very important to us. After all, respectful treatment of intellectual property is the basis of our work. We want to continue to share our knowledge generously in the future. This is only possible if other consulting services, publications and training contents are clearly different from ours. Protecting our intellectual property avoids confusion and allows us to be generous. We expect people who offer consulting services, publications and training on the subject of visualization to develop their own recognizable approaches – as we do – and thus enrich the community.

How may I use the images and videos of bikablo products?
This is stated simply and clearly in the imprint of the products: “The texts, images and videos in this product are protected by copyright. You may copy them by hand and use them in trainings and presentations. It is prohibited to reproduce texts, images or video material photomechanically or digitally and to use them in printed or digital publications (brochures, books, Internet, etc.). Please note that our visualization techniques and training concepts are also protected. If you intend to teach the bikablo visualization technique and other content and methods of this product in your own training courses, please contact us in advance to avoid copyright infringement.”

How may I use the illustrations in the print products?
The illustrations in our visual dictionaries are also protected by copyright. You may copy them and use them for your work. It is prohibited to reproduce the illustrations photomechanically or digitally and to use them in printed or digital publications (brochures, books, internet, etc.). If you intend to teach the bikablo visualization technique and other contents and methods of this publication in your own trainings, please contact us beforehand to avoid copyright infringements.

Can I pass on the content of bikablo trainings?
Of course, anyone is allowed to offer visualization training. However, our own training concepts and the methodology used in the training are subject to copyright. Please understand that it is important to us that the training courses in this area differ substantially from one another. If in doubt, please send us an email describing your training project, preferably with examples of images.

How can I use the visual results that bikablo bildwerk creates for my company?
For graphic recording and visual meeting facilitation projects, you will receive the originals of the mural posters or individual smaller visualizations. In accordance with copyright law, we retain the copyrights to these and grant you rights of use. With the order, you receive the standard right to reproduce and internally publish the resulting visualizations to document the event. Please contact us for further use when clarifying the order.

For projects in the field of dialog images, strategy images, moving images, etc. that are not created at an event, the rights of use are clarified in advance and are part of the offer.