bikablo macht Schule gets reinforcement!

After teachers from different areas of the school system have met with bikablo to work together on the school concept, our newest member is a brain researcher. Prof. Dr. Martin Hirsch complements our team on the one hand with the scientific perspective, on the other hand as a connection to the “Visual Summary” approach.


Visualization and constellative thinking

Together with his sister Bettina Hirsch, Martin Hirsch provides schools with this approach, with which learners can present their knowledge in the form of a visual summary and thus train constellative thinking. And that’s where the approach fits seamlessly into the second part of the bmS continuing education approach for teachers, which is why we are enthusiastically working on the idea of linking our various activities.

In this context, the discussion about the importance of constellational thinking has inspired our colleague Christian Frey to translate what was discussed into simple language and images. With an endearing protagonist, a jointly written script and Christian’s captivating little drawings, a project film has been created with which we explain to you the connection between constellative thinking, the cerebral hemispheres and the role of visualization in school.


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