The World to Corona: a Visualized Animation by bikablo

Futurologist Mathias Horx takes an optimistic look back at all the things that will have changed as a result of the Corona crisis. The bikablo team has translated his thoughts into an animated visualization (in German) – now available on our YouTube channel.

by Martin Haussman


Unlike a professional forecast, this “re-forecast” lets us experience the future as something we can actively shape in a positive way. After all, Horx says, in the fall we will see astonishing changes in our society, working world and daily interaction:

“After the initial shock, many felt relieved that all the running, talking, and communicating online in the Corona era suddenly stopped. Paradoxically, the physical distance enforced by the virus generated a new closeness. We met people we would never have met otherwise. We contacted old friends. Families and neighbors moved closer. Social civility, which we had increasingly missed before, increased. Video conferencing turned out to be viable and productive. Teachers learned a lot about teaching online. A new culture of accessibility and engagement emerged.”

This collaboration of the bikablo team impressively demonstrates the possibilities of visualized and animated knowledge transfer – and illustrates the importance of adopting a consciously constructive, optimistic perspective in a crisis.

Birgit Jansen has translated Horx’s thoughts into a large poster. Stefan Böker has programmed a virtual walk through visualization. Manfred Liersam has recorded the slightly abridged text.

The Trailer (In German)
(2 minutes)

The full video (In German)
(12 minutes)

The poster in large format by Birgit Jansen
(click to enlarge)


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