Keep Growing Your Skills with bikablo E-xtraClass

You have completed a bikablo basics training, your head is full of ideas, but you don’t really know what to do next? Or maybe you find it difficult to stick to your practice routine to keep making progress on what you have learned. If this is true, the bikablo e-xtraClass may be right for you!

In 9 sessions, (which are 100 minutes each) you will embark on a visual journey with an e-xtraClass trainer and 5-7 other participants. On this journey, you will review and expand on the concepts covered in the bikablo basics course to anchor your visualization skills into your daily practice.


What are the benefits of the e-xtraClass?

  • Through continuous practice and the support of the group, you will anchor visualization in your everyday work.
  • With the group’s feedback, you’ll improve your own visualization work.
  • You will benefit from the knowledge of our trainer, who has extensive experience using a wide variety of visualization formats.
  • Through your exchange with the learning group, you will find your own visualization style and work on your strengths.
  • With family-friendly schedules, you’ll continue to develop your skills while balancing personal commitments. 

In the video, participants share their experiences about e-xtraClass:


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