bikablo certified global trainer team in Greater China

bikablo CONTUR Team

Xiaoli He • Eva Zhao • Oscar Wang • Jiayi Wang

bikablo certified global trainer team in Greater China
When Xiaoli first heard about bikablo it was love at first sight. A deeply visual thinker trained in art and calligraphy, she knew she wanted to bring bikablo to the Chinese market. It would be a sure success with the audience here, since the Chinese language in itself is a strongly visual communication system. Xiaoli not only teaches bikablo basics but applies the techniques in her daily work with her team as General Manager and in her role as facilitator and trainer. She believes in the power of visualization to bridge cultures and diversity to build things together, something that she has spent most of her life doing between China and Germany.

bikablo also immediately resonated with Eva who truly is a pioneer of visualization training in the Chinese market. Eva has dedicated herself to helping employees in China express themselves clearly and easily with attractive visuals since 2013. Eva believes visualization brings people together in a playful yet serious way and can make teamwork more effective. She sees bikablo as a unique tool set for expressing and organizing thoughts, since it is just as clear and structured as a language, yet offers a lot more opportunities for people to create, have fun and share the fun.

Together, Xiaoli, Eva and Oscar have found great ways of combining bikablo with the Chinese language, exploring its richness and making use of the fact that the meanings of Chinese characters are often already represented in the way of writing. They love helping trainers, managers or indeed anyone doing presentations engage with the audience and have a vivid conversation. If you are in China and interested in getting started with a bikablo basics training, come learn with us!

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