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Visualization trainings and bildwerk project coordination

Carola Keitel

systemic coach, mediator, facilitator

I mediate visual ideas and also like to mediate between people – preferably both at the same time and also digitally, as in the format “Presence meets Online”. As a coach, mediator and facilitator (communication pilot training), I know the background of both worlds. My goal: to combine visualization and process support in order to explore and live the best possible potentials and treasures of collaboration again and again. Since 2022 I also support the bildwerk team as project coordinator.

People are not furniture

One of my big themes is to design a space for different people in such a way that they can become a homogeneous group that gets into a common flow. And by that I don’t mean how the furniture is placed in the room, but preparation, agenda setting and process facilitation.

For example, a big question in training is: How do we make the step from the very heterogeneous basic visual knowledge of the different participants into our advanced curriculum? With the “advanced” training, my training colleague Desirée van Dijk and I have created a format that covers exactly that: Repetition of the “basics” and simultaneous practice to be able to handle them freely and gain confidence.

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Digital Flow

A second project that revolves around my theme of “guiding groups into collaborative flow through preparation, agenda setting and process facilitation” is the online format “Presence meets Online.”

Since Corona it has been a big topic how we get to joyful, effective and efficient collaboration in the virtual space. There are many stumbling blocks there that can be avoided to create valuable learning spaces instead. Since 2020, we have been able to work out many visual and procedural factors of success that we would like to share with you – synchronous, asynchronous, digital and hybrid.

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