Trainer for Belgium, France and francophone Switzerland

Charles-Louis de Maere

„Communication usually fails, except by accident“. This expression of Wiio’s laws has fueled Charles-Louis‘ curiosity over the past years. He has been passionate about connecting with people through their own language and still one thing puzzled him: How could it be that we have a vocabulary of thousands of words, yet we fail to understand each other and communicate properly? What could we do to improve the situation? This drove Charles-Louis‘ passion over the past few years, which he lives by coaching individuals and teams.

What better way is there to give meaning to what we say than to draw to make our thoughts explicit? When we add visual information to what we’re saying, suddenly our intention becomes much more precise, and we can begin to work on shared understanding. This is why he loves bringing people in contact with the power of Visual Thinking, of getting back to our roots and using pen and paper to bring people closer together.

Fluent in English, Dutch, French and German, Charles-Louis conducts one and two day bikablo visual facilitation training sessions mostly in Belgium, France and Switzerland and will be happy to meet you and your colleagues for an in-house session.

Trainings from Charles-Louis de Maere