Trainer for Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro

Dragana Brzakovic

Senior Business Consultant, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt in Industry, High Performance Team Coach

Dragana is Visual Communication Trainer with strong corporate background, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Agile and High Performance Coaching competences. With consistent success she led international teams of professionals with diverse backgrounds and skill levels. She has been involved in many Process Improvement and Change Management projects.

Dragana is dynamic and innovative professional, on constant learning journey. Always struggling to be up to date with new methodologies that enhance learning, understanding and collaboration, she actively support and inspire individuals and teams to continuously improve, develop and make an impact.

After experiencing the powerful effect visual thinking has on all the people involved in a project and the way visualization transforms dry keynote speeches and dull training sessions, turning one-way presentation into dialogues, Dragana became a strong proponent of Visual communication. She would be happy to help you discover, develop, and apply your visual skills into your daily routine.


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