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Iulian Olariu

Iulian has over 17 years of experience as a professional trainer and facilitator. He delivered thousands of hours of workshops and presentations for companies in various industries, including technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, banking and retail.

After attending several bikablo classes and acquiring the skills of visualisation, he understood that using drawings when working with groups is a complete game-changer. This is why he integrated visualisation in all his work, through the classes or workshops he conducts. Now each session facilitated by him is a real visual experience. He now aims to improve the way people think. interact and work together, by using the power of a marker or pen.

Creating a Map

I translate into a visual summary the content of various events. With markers and paper (or digital), I create a ‘map’ with main ideas of the event, in order to help people understand better, remember and connect with what’s being said. Below you can see some of the visual recordings I’ve made during some public events or conferences.

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Visual note taking

I practice and develop my visual skills through visual note-taking. I take advantage of the things I read and learn and transform those ideas in visual summaries, that I am sharing on my personal website and social media. Here are some of them: 

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