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Jill Greenbaum

Trainer, visualizer, visual coach,  Certified Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator, Appreciative Living Learning Circle Facilitator, Facilitator, Points-of-You

Jill is a learning and development expert who integrates visualization into all her work—training, facilitation, and coaching. She synthesizes her deep background in  instructional design and Accelerated Learning with her corporate, education, nonprofit, and government experience to create transformative experiences. Participants in her sessions gain knowledge, deepen existing skills, and leave with confidence in their abilities to visualize.

Exploring Love

AI Jam 2022 (Appreciative Inquiry Jam): Graphic recording of Michelle Hunt’s session, “What if the Beatles were right?: All we need is love. Exploring Love as the Core Leadership Value and Organizing Principle for Business and Society.”

Bringing Fresh A.I.R into Conversations.

AI Jam 2021 (Appreciative Inquiry Jam): Graphic recording of Michelle Bradley and Mo McKenna’s  session, “Bringing Fresh A.I.R into Conversations.”

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