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Jill Langer

Prosci®️ Change Management Professional, LEGO®️ Serious Play®️ Facilitator

Jill Langer is a consultant, facilitator and trainer for innovative professionals and organizations who want to embrace creative and tactile ways of working to design better solutions to help people and the planet thrive. She helps them build their creative, systems, and visualization capabilities so they can intentionally design co-creative conversations and experiences that are meaningful, impactful and immersive.

Jill is excited about exploring ways to empower more people to use visualization and other creative approaches to do more meaningful, impactful and engaging work. She believes that we are all creative beings and by actively encouraging ourselves and other to use tactile approaches in our work we can foster more collaborative ways of working that infuse fun, playfulness and light-heartedness.

Through her courses, workshops and consulting work, she is here to show you that there are ways to use creative approaches and get serious work done.

Jill lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. And when she isn’t exploring, building and designing learning and workshops, you will find her outdoors, playing sports, reading a book or drinking a cup of tea.

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