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Katrin Bernreiter

Trainer, Agile Coach

Katrin Bernreiter is a multidisciplinary creative with a passion for making complex things visible. With a background in International Management and many inspiring creatives to learn from along the way, my experience connects business, agility and creativity in a very visual way.

Based in Vienna, I’m at home around the world where working with international clients is and will always be a source of great joy and inspiration.

When I’m not making complex things visibly simpler, I love embarking on new adventures with other awesome humans: learning in and from foreign places – and sharing this knowledge with those curious to learn, supporting and facilitating intriguing projects or creating colourful worlds through illustrated stories.

Pandemic passion

During the pandemic I’ve really found my passion for visualizing and illustrating on the iPad. No matter whether it’s your personal customer journey, a visual CV, a quick book summary or simply a pretty lettering piece: using Procreate and working digitally brings lots of joy and happiness into my days.

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Some magic moments

Using visual tools to facilitate meetings – be it in an agile context or not – is absolutely magical to me. To make the invisible clear and transparent is a key aspect I enjoy guiding groups and teams towards.

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