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WorkVisible Studios is a family business, run from the Edinburgh, Leith HQ by brother and sister duo, Marcus de Vale and Emily de Vale.

We believe in workplaces that drop the stiff upper lip and harness the humans. To create a world where people feel inspired, creative and focused at work. Where ideas are valued and people are seen. More human, more results 😉

Marcus de Vale

Marcus has been on the WorkVisible journey since day one (2017!). Over the years Marcus has trained and run visual workshops for companies such as DWP, Roche, Adobe, Bupa, Emergn, RedHat and more.

After attending Watt’s Atelier in California, Marcus honed his portraiture painting skills, which he loves to work on alongside WorkVisible Studios.

Marcus brings his experience prior to WorkVisible, when he spent four years creating digital marketing strategies for companies and now puts them to great use when evolving the family business.


Emily de Vale

Emily officially joined WorkVisible in 2022. Up to then, Emily spent eight years in branding and digital communications, cutting her teeth at Pentagram – account managing London Design Festival and East Bank.

She then managed accounts at Represent PR and previously delivered the digital marketing strategy at a PropTech start-up, and Emergn.

Emily’s background in design, studying at The Glasgow School of Art, has given her a helping hand in creating visuals, training clients and running visual workshops since joining the company.

Samantha Carpenter

Sam has over two decades’ experience drawing attention (literally since training in Bikablo, with WorkVisible back in 2020) to opportunities through visual collaboration.

Passionate about in-person, creating transparency, value and empowerment, Sam has worked in many sectors in software development as a workshop facilitator, Agile coach, product manager and now as an official Bikablo trainer with WorkVisible in the UK.

Sam says: “Capturing people’s perspectives visually is like showing them the lid of the jigsaw puzzle – they can piece it together and be better informed, creating greater confidence with joined up decision-making. It’s memorable and super convenient to have a sketchnote over forgettable walls of text to refer back to.”


Francesco Bianchi

Francesco is a Collaboration Alchemist on a mission to make the world of work more fun.

Currently, Francesco is focused on building learning experiences in a safe and inclusive environment by leveraging all of the cutting-edge techniques for Visual Thinking, Brain-Based learning and Facilitation for highly collaborative meetings to ensure people are and feel at the centre.

Back in 2020, Francesco first trained with WorkVisible in the visual skills of Bikablo. Today, Francesco sits on the other side of the flip-chart, as an official Bikablo trainer with WorkVisible in Ireland.

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