Trainers for Côte d‘Ivoire / Ivory Coast

Mirko Hoff & Chrystelle Kouakou (Nzassa-Kreation)

Mirko and Chrystelle unite their forces in diversity, sharing their experience to inspire and support others in unfolding their potential to shape their lives, communities and businesses.
Working to support peacebuilding initiatives in West and Central Africa, particularly in Côte d’Ivoire, their work has convinced them about the importance of social dialogue and collective action. Having experimented with visualization in its diverse applications for the past years, they have come to sense the power that visual thinking and practice generates to develop new ideas, stimulate team action, and build bridges between societal spheres.
Within this duo, Mirko contributes with his sense for facilitation of dialogue and strategic thinking and Chrystelle builds on her experience of using sports as a pathway for social transformation.
Their vision is to promote visual facilitation in West Africa to become a recognized and applied skill for social change activists as well as private sector leaders allowing to leverage the inherent strengths proper to each person, team and context. And to start this journey with a first step, they offer 1-day bikablo basic trainings in Abidjan and beyond in French, English and German.

Build your skills

We train motivated persons to discover the power of visualization within so they can be more effective in what they want to do.

Act together

We use visual facilitation to enable dialogue in contexts of linguistic, social and cultural diversity which leads to concrete action.

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Communicate effectively

We use bikablo’s visualization technique to illustrate findings and recommendations of research reports thereby facilitating understanding by decision makers and the general public.

Be surprised

We explore ways of using innovative ways of using visualization to enhance social change and private sector initiatives.

Trainings fromMirko Hoff & Chrystelle Kouakou (Nzassa-Kreation)


    Pictures from Mirko and Chrystelle