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Visualization Training, Graphic Recording/Strategic Visualization

Tobias Wieland


The illustrator from Celle demonstrates his creative talent best when many small pieces of information puzzle are to be combined into one large dialog picture or graphic recording. As a master of surprising image ideas, he transforms data into clear thinking posters in which all participants can find themselves with their contributions. He is really satisfied when he can provide visual clarity and emotionally pick up the viewers with his visualizations.

The green line

I love to draw on topics that deal with sustainability or are thematically related to it. Not only can I actively contribute to these topics of the heart by creating clarity through visualization, but visually I simply enjoy these topics. If I can combine enthusiasm for the subject with fun aesthetics – it doesn’t get any better than that.

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Helper of the helpers

I appreciate the energy that arises for me and the viewers when I work analog on the big paper. However, I have also lost my heart to digital work. There are so many possibilities that I like to use when it makes sense within the framework of the event. For example, at the “Democratic Police Network Congress” in Hanover. We were not only able to show the resulting images at suitable points on the beamer and run them as a slideshow during breaks – I also created time-lapse recordings of my drawings and edited them during breaks together with image excerpts to create a recap film accompanied by music. We then showed this at the end and were able to recapitulate the past two days in terms of content, memorably and emotionally.


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