Graphic Recording/Strategic visualization

Yasmin Cordes

M.A. Communication and Media Studies, Psychology, Politics

As a visualizer, visual consultant and graphic recorder, Yasmine brings an exciting mix of visualization expertise and professional background to our team. With her consulting background and her penchant for creative communication, she brings and draws a red thread into complex topics with fresh directness. In workshops or remotely, her international experience from companies, public institutions and agencies comes into play – in addition to paper and pen (or iPad), of course.

Change with images

My visualization heart beats for strategy images that deal with organizational design, transformation processes and corporate development. Since I myself come from a communications and management consulting background, I find it exciting to take a closer look at complex processes and understand interdependencies between areas. Through visualizations, I am able to show stakeholders the meaningfulness and opportunities of strategic change.

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A picture makes its way

An image should be more than just a picture that is used for a short period of time. Accordingly, a portion of conception and communication is always part of my consulting.

If the image is intelligently interlocked with the existing communication channels in the company, it can have a lasting effect. It is always great to see how strategy images are used sustainably in internal and external communication in very different ways. If a strategy image is still in use after years, that is always the greatest compliment for my work.


Pictures from Yasmine Cordes


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