bikablo Meets ÖkoRausch Festival 2020

The following is a video documenting a great project the bikablo core team was involved with (the video is in German). In this project, we combined the topics of visualization with sustainability, as capturing ideas and information in a visible way makes knowledge accessible in a sustainable way. THrough a series of reflection exercises with participants, we were able to assist with the immediate transfer of knowledge that was shared in the sessions.

The organizing team of the ÖkoRausch festival in Cologne for design and sustainability asked us if we would like to offer a graphic recording training for their sustainability event.

It was important for us to include the topic of sustainability in the content, because from our point of view, visualization at meetings and conferences is THE method to effectively capture the knowledge and insights of the participants in a meaningful and sustainable way.

by Susann Figueredo Hechavarria


Visualization for participation and democracy

First, we introduced the participants to the topic of visualization and enabled them to make their own drawings with it in a short sketchnoting crash course. Next, we visualized two keynote presentations on the topic of democracy together. Participants captured information in their sketchbooks and our graphic recorder Birgit Jansen captured information on the wall. The application of visualization skills was directly applied to a topic that was relevant to the group. For us, visualization is an essential tool with regard to participation and the promotion of democracy, because it requires hearing all of the voices in the room and capturing them in a tangible way that is accessible to everyone. 

In the video below, you can see the process in action and also learn about the ideas shared in the two exciting presentations.

In the follow-up evaluation meeting, we were able to verify to what extent the new knowledge from the presentations could be remembered, discussed and communicated more sustainably. And we drew the connection to three major goals from the Sustainable Development Goals: visualization can improve collaboration, support equal opportunities and quality education, and contribute to sustainable consumption and production in the event sector.


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