Three Cheers for “bikablo Posters”!

Wow – we are excited and proud that we finally made it! This is the most sophisticated book of visual templates we’ve ever designed: With concepts and ideas from the global visualization community, bikablo posters contains 130 ready-to-use poster templates and quick tips for visualizing on paper – the perfect gift for anyone who thinks, learns, and collaborates with a pen! The book was developed by Martin Haussmann, Julie Junginger and Stefan Böker from the bikablo core team and incorporates all the experience of our trainer and alumni community who shared their designs and concepts with us. is the exclusive distributor of this book.


What do the stars of the visual practitioner community have to say about the new book?

“bikablo posters is a three-in-one treasure: lots of concrete tips to improve your drawing skills and confidence. There are plenty of diagrams and visual metaphors for any type of situation. And a systematic visualization strategy that will support all of your projects. Three cheers for the bikablo team for this invaluable resource!”

Brandy Agerbeck,  Graphic Facilitator, Trainer and Author of The Graphic Facilitator’s Guide and The Idea Shapers

“If you are still resistant to working visually with your charts (virtually or in-person), this book will help you overcome this challenge. The simple, clear, and stimulating visualizations for which bikablo is known can be used in the creation of flip charts, wall posters, large maps, and their associated symbols and word-picture graphics. The application examples are especially helpful. Bravo! This book will remain a go-to resource.”

David Sibbet, founder/CEO of The Grove Consultants International and author of Visual Teams, Visual Meetings and many others.

“In this wonderful book, bikablo has single-handedly resurrected the historic hero of visual explanation: the poster. When I began my visual communications career forty years ago, the poster was an information designer’s masterpiece. Large, colorful and clear, a great poster evoked the viewer’s emotions and urged cognitive understanding. Now, in a magical way, bikablo brings back all the visual possibilities of the poster for a new generation of visualizing trainers, learners and experts. Bikablo reminds us: if you want to get a big message across: think big – think in posters!”

Dan Roam, International Bestselling Author of Explained on a Napkin, Show & Tell and Draw to Win

What you will find in the new visual dictionary “bikablo posters”?

Chapter 1 combines the 12 most important tips for flipchart design . It includes basics such as; “drawing a clean line”, tips on penmanship and the use of various color techniques, and then starting on page 24 examples of how to bring all of the elements together.

For the next chapter, we’ve taken a spin through the “classic flipcharts” of a typical meeting or training, from the welcome flipchart to an evaluation poster, and redesigned each as fresh, easy-to-draw templates.

Chapter 3 contains the 10 best picture posters from our work (mountain, balloon, iceberg and so on) as basic templates and we provide different examples of how to use each design.

Then follows a short overview of one of the concepts from our bestseller “UZMO – Thinking with the pen” on how to design posters for your work and our favorite chapter on “method templates”.

The crowning glory of the book is 10 new image world templates. In this chapter, our idea magician Stefan, has expanded on well-known and unusual image metaphors to create themed poster designs for visual storytelling and graphic recording. Have you ever had a strategy poster take place at the North Pole? Or a 360-degree feedback from a satellite in Earth’s orbit?

We are excited and grateful that we can now share back all of these valuable ideas and concepts to the visualizing community!


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