in-house training

Training sessions for individuals or teams, and impulse training for large groups

bikablo will come to you! Book an individualized visualization training for your team, your organization, your association, or your network. We’ll find a suitable training date and will adapt the program to your specific needs. The training will then be done on-site – which means no travel time for you and less organizational effort for us. You organize the participants, room, and materials – and we in turn offer you a greatly reduced price. Let’s not forget: Learning together means growing together – and developing new ideas together as a group.

Please note: in many regions, certified members of the bikablo global trainer team offer different formats of in-house training. Check out your nearest training partner or send us an email!

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Included in every in-house basics training worldwide:
The exclusive bikablo StarterSet
with four visualization markers by Neuland
and a StarterBooklet with 32 pages
that summarizes the principles, contents, and techniques of the course.
In the two-day-training an additional StarterBooklet
with more advanced content is added.

(except possibly with discounted offers and training for non-commercial organizations)

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Team training (up to 16 people)

Our “classic” in-house team training is geared towards our successful starter training format, bikablo basics. Based on our experience, we recommend allowing two days for this training. On the first day we carefully work through the basics of visualization, and on the second day we apply what we have learned to the topics that are relevant to you – irrespective of whether you work in product development, training, coaching, management, product management, or IT.

We can also incorporate the following into the agenda:

Visual Storytelling

  • Visualize methods and work assignments for the group.
  • Jointly develop key images, pictogram libraries, and poster layouts.
  • Visualize complex processes and workflows.
  • Combine moderation cards or mobile elements with drawings.

Graphic Recording

  • Get acquainted with the work and methods of a Graphic Recorder.
  • Find an image or visual structure for a statement in real-time.
  • Practise Graphic Recording on a variety of formats, from A4 through to large wall newspapers.

Visual Meeting Facilitation 

  • Present content gleaned in brainstorming session in a visual structure.
  • Develop processes and structures during team meetings at the whiteboard.
  • Draft simple posters in order to look at a new topic together with the group, check understanding, plan processes, or collect feedback.

Personal Training for 1–3 people

Our personal training is geared especially toward individuals and small teams who have very specific training needs, who want individualized coaching after concluding a basics training course, or who want to work on own visualization projects together with one of our trainers.

Personal training is offered regionally by specific certified bikablo global trainers. Get in touch – we’d love to advise you!

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Graphic Recording Werkstatt, Family und Freund Training

In-house impulse training for large groups and conferences

Do you have a conference, company congress, or trade fair? bikablo can come to you and enrich your event with impulses for visual thinking, learning, and collaboration. Since it is better to not talk but instead demonstrate the power of visualization, we don’t offer dry lectures. Instead we do impulse trainings. This means everyone joins in and grabs a pen – whether it be 50 or 500 people. 

Of course our impulse trainings are always meaningfully embedded in your event. E.g. we can introduce conference attendees to sketchnoting so that they can take better notes, try out visual creative techniques during a large group workshop, or run a session on thought sketches to reflect on the conference.

An impulse training lasts 90 minutes up to four hours and is led by one or two specialist bikablo trainers, and – audio-visual setup permitting – there is no limit to the number of participants.

Get in touch with us and tell us about your ideas. We are confident that we can give some great impulses to your next event.

Want to learn more? The training management team is looking forward to receiving your inquiry at or +49 221 – 98 55 90 2-0.