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Amelie Vesper

Business Psychologist, Visual Facilitator, Visual Coach

“Actually, I can’t draw at all,” the business psychologist and facilitator (communication pilot training) claimed in 2013 when she started at Bikablo, when the Bikablo company was still in the forging stage. Her career to become an internationally booked trainer and visual process facilitator proves: The bikablo principle works! With the same didactic professionalism, warmth of heart, and affection, she also trains new trainers internally at bikablo. In her trainings it is important to Amelie that all participants are empowered, no matter if they have the feeling that “drawing is not for me” or if they want to get really deep into the marty.

Sketchnotes with depth

My passion is sketchnoting. During my studies I started to record the knowledge I was taught with pictures and graphics to sweeten my learning. At the same time, I started to design my journal as a giant sketchnote. Depending on whether I’m planning or reflecting, I use different layouts that have evolved over the years. Sometimes I feel like sketchnoting in my journal is like a leisurely coaching session. My coach in this case is the paper and pen. This helps me relax and at the same time I gain wonderful insights through visualizing. In addition, I sketchnote training sessions and client phone calls, for example, when clarifying orders or planning projects.

Out of our passion, my colleague Ramona Wultschner and I have developed the sketchnoting training to share our knowledge and to bring others closer to the fun of sketchnoting.

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