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Andrea Biesler

M.A. Cultural Studies

Visual methodological competence, networking with experts and a target-oriented project process – that is the secret recipe of the Bildwerk consultant. At eye level and with humor and depth, the goal is to understand the concerns of our clients and to point out possibilities. Which ideas already exist, which can we develop together? What and who do we need? Andrea stands for the customized composition of teams and competencies and transparent consulting in all directions.

Dialogue at eye level

Good visualization is not an off-the-shelf product. Depending on the company, the team, the occasion and, above all, the objective, very different approaches make sense. It is fundamentally important to illuminate these together with the customer, because often not all possibilities are known. I like to take my time for this, as it will positively influence the entire process and of course the success of the image. It is very important to me to really enter into dialogue and to understand and address challenges. And that is exactly what I really enjoy about working with you and what makes us unique at Bildwerk.

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The beauty of working with visualizations is that the images always show opportunities and open up possibilities. They make people stronger, because they are always a positive look at the future and how it can be shaped if those involved work together accordingly. In order for images to unfold precisely this power and story, the right experts are also needed behind the scenes – both on the customer side and at Bildwerk – who work together effectively on and with the image. It’s a bit like treasure hunting – understanding what the clients really need, recognizing how we can strengthen and develop our team of visualizers in their competencies. If we succeed, we all grow together. With every image.


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