Visualization training and visual facilitation

Annegret Garschagen

Coach / Supervisor (DGIP), Visual Facilitator

“Clear to turn” is my motto as a trainer, coach and visual facilitator. As a sailor, I know what it means to pull together, to act well coordinated with each other and to prepare the next step with care – even if it has to happen quickly. My heart also beats for accompanying change processes at bikablo bildwerk in such a way that maximum clarity and good dialogue can take place. My experience in psychology, supervision and organizational development helps me to quickly see the core even in complex systems. Important to me is a working atmosphere that is characterized by encouragement and mutual interest.

Coach with heart and soul and pen

Visual Coaching is my heart and soul! I have been coaching for over 10 years. The pen is a tool that my coachees love. Because the clarity and depth that – coupled with methods and coaching competence – can be achieved in a short time is impressive. At the same time, a lightness comes into the process that makes individual solutions pictorial, forceful and sustainable.

I wanted to share this experience with coaches and consultants in the bikablo community. This was the start for the development of two training formats for the bikablo academy with my colleagues Heidrun Künzel and Kirsten Reinhold: Visual Coaching and Visual Online Coaching.

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Visual Facillitation

Consulting with a pen – that’s what you do as a visual facilitator. And I do it with passion. Preferably hand in hand with my great illustration colleagues, who draw strategy images live in the process at a high professional level. Consulting processes that use the image to generate clarity and motivation are promising and fun.

Visual Facilitation has a wide methodological variety – always with the goal of creating a good dialog atmosphere.

When it comes to the final presentation in a picture, it is sometimes a struggle to find the “right” content. But it’s worth it, because in the end everyone has a commitment that goes hand in hand with a high degree of identification – anchored in an image that can be used for internal and external communication.

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