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Desirée van Dijk

International Certified Facilitator, MR degree in Neuro-Psychology

When the Dutch-Surinamese neuropsychologist and facilitator (communication pilot training) is on the road in visualization training and change processes, cultural and language barriers often fall as if by themselves. Empathy and empathy are at least as important as the visual language.

Humanity from a bird's eye view

Recently I supported an online congress on “How to (re)bring humanity into organizations” and was asked to contribute “generative” digital sketchnotes. I was touched by the content, the speakers, the topics, and most importantly, how much I learned myself (in terms of content and digital sketchnoting). I watched the online videos, took notes, digested it overnight, and sketched it from a “bird’s eye view” the next day. It wasn’t just about reproducing the content in words, but also what feeling and dynamic it gave me in pictures. Here is one of the results that I would like to share.

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Satisfied I-dozen

Here is an example of how I used visualization in a session with students from an elementary school, in which they described their thoughts and experiences with teachers. They recalled experiences and gave advice to the school and teachers for the future on how to build a successful and warm school.

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