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Frank Wesseler

Process Manager, Trainer, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, SCRUM Master and Business Economist (VWA)

In the founding phase of the bikablo company, we recruited the process expert out of a training. Now he is on the road himself as a visualization trainer with a focus on visual process mapping all over the world and leads the worldwide team of our global trainers. In addition, Frank is the welcome and always good-humored face of our brand at international conferences. Since the beginning of 2022, he has also been working in the Bikablo office as an expert for internal processes, compliance and strategy.

With great passion for processes

Do what you love. I like to carry this sentence from the Holstee Manifesto with me. I am happy that I could marry two of my passions: Visual Facilitation and Process Optimization. The result: Visual Process Mapping.

For example, we also use the advantages of figurative language in process descriptions to reach a consensus as quickly as possible about what we actually want to talk about. The possibility of documenting and triggering emotions through visualization holds enormous potential, especially since this does not take place in “normal” process mapping.

This terrain, which has hardly been explored anywhere in the world, is one of the research areas I am working on, especially with my colleagues Martin Haussmann, Andrea Wendt, Coco Riess and Koen de Keersmaecker from the bikablo team.


Digital gadgets

How do I manage to create “aha” experiences in virtual collaboration as well, so that everyone involved can work together better? What I was already interested in before Corona was intensified by the pandemic: In countless tests and meetings with willing colleagues, I try out different hacks, techniques and scenarios. In doing so, I push the functions of hardware and programs to the limit, for example with the creative arrangement of zoom tiles, picture stories under the document camera or the green screen effect of the video production app OBS.

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