Training management, art direction and marketing

Julie Junginger

Graduate designer

The communication designer has been designing our “Visual Dictionaries” for over ten years now. Of course, we really wanted her to join us when we founded the bikablo company as an international training and consulting brand. With her fluency, expertise and ability to pull many strings, she now coordinates the open training program and supports the team of freelance trainers.

"Puzzling" as a job description

As a colleague of Martin Haussmann, then in a Cologne office partnership, I did the first final artwork of a bikablo book. Since then, many new products have emerged, in the development of which I was also involved as a graphic designer.

Now I “sniff out” the needs of the participants and find the right offer for them from our portfolio. My favorite activity, however, is solving problems. Preferably those of others ­čÖé Often I find a quick way to bring things together, try out new possibilities and can use my experience in other contexts.

Jigsawing the dates, locations and trainers in the training calendar is the biggest challenge every year. In the end, everything turns out well or even better – and so far it has always been worth putting all our efforts into it.

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