Visualization Training, Graphic Recording/Strategic Visualization

Kirsten Reinhold

Graduate designer for visual communication with focus on illustration and graphic design

Kirsten has been using her visualization skills in the field of organizational development since 2004. She works internationally as a visual coach, trainer, visual facilitator, graphic recorder and strategic visualizer. Kirsten combines expertise with creativity, humor and attentive listening. Structured and joyful, she also inspires participants in open and in-house trainings to sustainably apply the taught methods themselves.

An image with feedback

As a visualizer I am of course especially happy to get feedbacks like this one: “Thank you for your great work, your inspiring and friendly manner! Already the first meeting, the coordination in the process and the result at the end …. In one word: Great! I am grateful and happy to have experienced this process, it has enriched me very much. We had constructive and productive discussions, with numerous new impulses and ideas merging together. The common exchange and reflection were very profitable and inspiring. I could not have wished for a better result. An extremely multi-layered and complex process was transferred into a form of presentation that is logical, comprehensible and, despite the large amount of information, does not appear overloaded. The individual contents were visualized with great attention to detail and symbolize the theoretical intention in an outstanding way. Carefully thought out, the implemented contexts have an effect on different levels of abstraction and reception.” (L. L., College of Education)

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Visual Coaching

Together with my colleagues Annegret Garschagen and Heidrun Künzel I have developed the training formats Visual Coaching and Visual Online Coaching. My training as a systemic coach (DVCT certificate) supports me in this. It is important in coaching that the coachee is absolutely in focus. The sense of when to offer which form of visualization is crucial for success. We must always offer the work with images openly and must not run over the coachee with it.

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